ViA IP Codec Internal Dual SIM LTE Module for broadcasting

ViA Codec Dual Active SIM Module Unveiled at IBC 2019

Tieline has developed a new Dual Active SIM internal module for the ViA remote codec supporting two active cellular connections. Designed to perform in the most challenging production environments, the new module supports using SIM cards from different Telcos simultaneously for diversity with Tieline’s SmartStream PLUS dual redundant streaming. Bond the two SIM cards can to create additional bandwidth using a single robust Fuse-IP link.
Tieline Wireless IP Codec Module for Broadcasting using Dual SIM Cards
ViA Dual Active SIM LTE Module

“The new ViA dual internal modem will deliver more choice to Tieline customers for wireless remote broadcasting,” said Charlie Gawley, VP Sales APAC/EMEA. “The ViA already supports connecting two air cards using USB but many customers requested an internal module with dual modems to avoid using external dongles. This innovation also means there will be seven different IP interface options from which to choose when going live.”

The ViA offers the ability to connect over dual Ethernet ports, built-in Wi-Fi (no USB modem required), dual air cards, and now the new module with dual internal modems. Any two interfaces can also be bonded to deliver secure and robust connections from remote locations in challenging environments. The new Dual Active SIM module has 4 antenna connections to provide antenna diversity for both SIM card connections.
See the International and US version of the module at IBC ( for the first time in 2019. Release dates announced soon. Tieline invites engineers to see the new module and other innovative features at the Tieline booth in Hall 8, Booth E74 at IBC. To make an appointment with Charlie Gawley email For more information visit See Tieline’s online IBC2019 info here.

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