US Copper Shutdown Imminent

US Copper Shutdown Imminent

US Copper Shutdown Imminent

Switch from POTS and ISDN to IP Today Before It’s Too Late!

It’s the end of POTS and ISDN as we know it…

When the FCC 19-72A1 order takes effect from August 2nd, 2022, the shutdown of remaining POTS and ISDN services in the US will commence and become real for many broadcasters.

Broadcast Implications

What does this mean for me as a broadcaster you may ask? Well, you will be affected if you:

  • Still use a POTS codec.
  • Use a POTS hybrid for studio IFB circuits.
  • Have any analog Plain Old Telephone Service circuits in use.

IP Codec Solutions

If you are still using POTS and ISDN codecs or POTS hybrids in broadcast applications, we have a range of IP codecs which deliver new and improved technology solutions before networks shut down. Tieline has successfully replaced entire networks of POTS and ISDN codecs used in remote, STL and audio distribution applications. Contact us today before it’s too late to discover why thousands of broadcasters all around the world use Tieline IP codecs every single day for live broadcasts.

Gateway and Gateway 4 Codecs

Gateway streams up to 16 IP audio channels and speaks the language of AES67, ST 2110-30, ST 2022-7, RAVENNA, Livewire+, NMOS, Ember+, AES3 and analog I/O as standard. An optional WheatNet-IP card is available at purchase. The Gateway 4 supports up to 4 channels.

US Copper Shutdown Imminent: Tieline Gateway delivers new IP solutions
Gateway Multichannel IP Codec

Bridge-IT XTRA

The cost effective, high-performance, stereo IP audio codec.

Bridge-IT XTRA codec

ViA Remote Codec

Tieline’s ViA supports 7 different IP interfaces as you connect live in stereo plus mono, or connect up to 3 mono connections. Stream live, record, and play audio files with FTP capability built-it. Connect over dual Ethernet, dual USB cellular, dual active SIM module, and built-in WiFi.

ViA with Dual Active SIM Module

Report-IT Enterprise

Report-IT Enterprise the most popular smartphone codec application. Use it to stream live high-fidelity audio to the studio, record 20kHz quality audio files, and FTP audio files to a server in the cloud.

New Features in Report-IT: GPIOs and Return Mute
Report-IT Enterprise App

Choose Gateway for Multiple TV IFB Feeds

With the US copper shutdown now imminent, you can replace your old POTS couplers with the Tieline Gateway and discover how television networks can configure up to 16 discrete mono IFB mixes to replace your old POTS and ISDN lines. Up to 16 talent in the field can simultaneously use Tieline’s Report-IT Enterprise app on their cell-phones to receive discrete IFB audio feeds from a Gateway codec at the studio.

US Copper Shutdown Imminent and Gateway and Report-IT deliver affordable and flexible IFB solutions
Gateway supports up to 16 individual IFB feeds

Gateway also includes a Matrix Editor which allows you to create discrete mix-minus feeds within the codec. Plus, you can use built-in input processing like EQ and compression to clean up audio feeds without using external equipment.

The Gateway is AES67 and ST 2110-30 compliant, so you can integrate all audio streams in and out of your broadcast plant seamlessly.

Learn about the FCC Ruling at and for details on Tieline codecs visit or contact Tieline sales:

(US Copper Shutdown Imminent, first published on June 10, 2022)


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