Tips for Using ViA

Tips For Using ViA for Remotes: Optimizing your Codec

Tips for Using ViA: Attach a PC to Codec
A video about integrating Skype or WhatsApp calls into a codec stream helped engineers during the pandemic. Watch at

For most radio engineers and users of technology there are ‘known knowns’ in relation to product knowledge. In other words, things we inherently know about them. What they do, how they work, and parameters that can be adjusted.

However, what’s the best way to find out about ‘unknown knowns’, those helpful snippets of tech information that exist, but we are perhaps unaware of? The ones that can take broadcasts to the next level. Or in the case of a pandemic, allow us to perform tasks never dreamed of before.

Among the challenges confronting engineers during the pandemic included learning new and creative ways to maintain network programming and deliver remote content – and quickly.  It also created opportunities. Engineers are smart and rise to the challenge of solving whatever task is in front of them. It’s in their DNA.

During the pandemic Tieline has fielded lots of enquiries from engineers around the world about how this or that could be done; can we integrate a remote codec with an app like Skype or WhatsApp, or how do I attach a PC to my codec to play back files or integrate streaming audio, and so on. This led to us thinking, how can we get this important information out to everyone and maintain an effective and useful library resource for time-poor engineers.

The answer? We created a range of how-to videos with tips for using ViA and other codecs and software solutions. It is no surprise that these have been extremely popular and helped codec users deliver effective remote broadcast services during challenging times.

High Demand for Remote Videos

The immediate requirement was for remote broadcast solutions, so Tieline targeted information facilitating simple remotes. With cost effective and quickly deployed solutions in demand, we created a video on the Report-IT Enterprise app for iOS and Android. Other people wanted more complex remote capabilities at home to integrate incoming callers into remote codec streams, or attach PCs for a variety of file playback or recording tasks.

Tips for Using ViA: Tieline Cloud Codec Controller Software Tool
A video about integrating Skype or WhatsApp calls into a codec stream helped engineers during the pandemic. Watch at

Remote control software was also highly coveted, so we created a video explaining the Cloud Codec Controller and how to use it for managing remote codecs and Report-IT app users from anywhere via the internet.

There’s never been a better time to use support videos for connecting with customers and hopefully make their life easier. In addition, with most engineers busier than ever due to constraints on budgets and ever-expanding duties (not to mention a pandemic!), not many people have the time to read a user manual from cover-to-cover. It’s often much easier to source information in video form and definitely quicker to ingest. Therefore, video is a great way to get the word out about cool features in products so that they become ‘known knowns’ – and the user manual can always provide more detail where required.

Letting Engineers Tell Their Story

Tieline also interviewed a number of engineers in the USA and Canada to find out how they managed their networks during the pandemic. These contain some great information and have been well-received. All videos can be viewed in the Stream-Line video podcast playlist on Tieline’s YouTube channel.

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(Tips for Using ViA was first published on 19th November, 2020)


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