TieServer Console

for Admin Management of your Report-IT Enterprise User Accounts

Keep it simple for your users !

Secure Global Server

An administrator license login supplied with every system


Create and Manage Multiple Users and connections for your Network


Your Users (Reporters, Freelance Journalists) don't need to configure any settings

Free Phone App*

The TieServer Console can be purchased for your computer or use the FREE Smartphone App

Only your Administrator can...

Add Codecs

Add codecs to your domain using their serial number and mac address.

Create User Accounts

Create user accounts and configure individual shares and account settings, or configure default settings which will apply to all users.

Share options

Configure different options for transferring audio recordings using FTP, NETIA Radio-Assist or Burli.

how it works

The TieServer Console for PC/Mac is an optional inclusion with your Report-IT Enterprise account, however the smartphone app is FREE.

Once an administrator account and domain name for your network is registered on TieServer, you can use this domain to configure all Report-IT user accounts.

Tieline will also supply a username and password for your administrator account. Use these to log in and configure user accounts via the following options

Software Tools

The illustration below explains the differences between the Cloud Codec Controller, TieLink & TieServer Console and how they work together.

Cloud Codec Controller

The Cloud Codec Controller manages an entire fleet of Tieline codecs and all Report-IT Enterprise users in real-time from the studio

TieServer Console

The TieServer Console is used to add codecs to a TieServer domain and manage Report-IT Enterprise user accounts

TieLink product logo

TieLink Traversal Server

TieLink can be used to add codecs to a TieServer domain and centralize codec contact list management, by providing self-discovery of codecs within 'call groups', and NAT traversal to simplify connections.

Download the App

After purchasing an annual TieServer Console subscription download the TieServer Console App and manage your Report-IT Enterprise user accounts


Log in to PC/Mac version

If you have included the PC/Mac TieServer Console in your Report-IT Enterprise subscription, you can log in here directly rather than use the App.

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