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If you have included the PC/Mac TieServer Console in your Report-IT Enterprise subscription, you can log in here directly rather than use the App.

TieServer Console App Download

After purchasing an annual TieServer Console subscription download the TieServer Console App and manage your Report-IT Enterprise user accounts

Firmware Release Notes

The latest release notes are available on either the App Store or Google Play.



Tech Notes


Report-IT is a smartphone codec app which allows you to stream live audio over IP from remotely located users to a codec at the studio. To get up and running:

  1. Purchase Report-IT Enterprise from Tieline or your favorite dealer.
  2. Register your purchase with Tieline at
  3. Tieline will supply administrator domain login credentials to allow configuration of Report-IT user accounts using the TieServer Console.
  4. Add codecs and user accounts, configure a default codec (even if adding only one codec to the domain) and authorize users to connect to preferred codecs.
  5. Renew Report-IT Enterprise annually and register the Report-IT Enterprise renewal with Tieline at

When you purchase Report-IT Enterprise Tieline will create an administrator account and domain name for your network on TieServer. This domain is used to configure all Report-IT user accounts. Tieline will also supply a username and password for the administrator account. Use these credentials to log in to the administrator account and configure user accounts via the following options:

Report-IT Enterprise Administrators can configure:

  1. Default domain settings for codec, sharing and connection settings. These apply when no individual user account settings have been configured.
  2. Individual user account settings: These settings override the ‘global’ default domain settings when enabled.

Download the latest user manual for the TieServer Console from by selecting “Support” and then select “TieServer Console” under “Software Tools”. This will provide all the instructions required to configure Report-IT Enterprise for the first time and:

  1. Add the codecs to which users will connect using Report-IT.
  2. Add all sharing servers to which users will share files using Report-IT.
  3. Configure the Default Domain (user connection) settings for Report-IT.
  4. Configure individual user settings with the correct port assignments for connecting to the correct input and outputs on the codec Report-IT will be connecting to.

The user manual for each version of the TieServer Console describes how to configure multiple user accounts to connect to the same codec at the studio in the section titled “Connecting Multiple Smartphones to One Codec.”

Codecs can be added using the TieServer Console management app on iOS or Android.

The MAC address is also required to add a codec to an account. This can be found on:

  • The front panel by going to Settings > Unit > Eth1/LAN > Mac
  • The HTML ToolBoxWeb-GUI under Transport > Network

When using the Report-IT Enterprise app on an iOS or Android device you may see the error message “valid codec address not specified”. This is usually caused by one of the following two reasons:

1. A user has logged in but the system administrator has not granted access to any codecs for that user.

To resolve this issue the system administrator needs to use the Tieserver Console app or TieServer Management Console to add “Authorized Codecs” to the Report-IT Enterprise user account and select a “Default Codec” as required.

2. “Valid codec address not specified” may also be displayed if you have logged into Report-IT as an administrator and have either not authorized any codecs for the administrator account, or have not configured an IP address/hostname for a codec.


To resolve this issue the system administrator needs to use the Tieserver Console app or TieServer Management Console to add “Authorized Codecs” to the administrator account, or configure IP address/hostname settings for the codec/s.

The TieServer Console administrator’s password can be changed by going to and entering the administrator’s User ID.

  1. Select “I forgot my password”.
  2. An e-mail will be sent to the administrator’s e-mail address that is on file, then simply follow the instructions.

Java Issues?

If you are having difficulty with Java:

  1. Select the “Try Webstart Version” link to download “tieserver.jnlp”.
  2. Click to launch “tieserver.jnlp”.
  3. Your computer will need the latest version of Java for this to work.

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