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how it works

Connect your codec to an IP network and seconds later the screen lists all the IP codecs in the group or network to which you can connect, just like in a cell-phone address book. The on-screen status displays if codecs are connected already, or available to dial. Simply select a contact and press ‘dial’ to connect. The TieLink Traversal Server takes care of all IP call routing automatically.

TieLink is a secure, independently hosted global server network, with multiple global backups. It centralizes Tieline codec contact list management and provides self-discovery of codecs within customized ‘call-groups’. It also provides NAT traversal to simplify connections.

Getting Started

Register a TieServer Domain with the “Register a TieServer Domain” button below.

Note: If you already have Report-IT Enterprise or Cloud Codec Controller you do not need to register again.

Click on the “TieLink Login” button below

  1. Add codecs to the server
  2. Create a contact list
  3. Set the answering codec as a member of the contact list
  4. Set the dialing codec as a follower of the contact list

Enable TieLink and enable interfaces for use with TieLink (‘TieLink’ panel in Toolbox, or TieLink screen in the codec)

Adjust TieLink interface settings in the Toolbox web-GUI ‘TieLink panel’, e.g. priority of use.

  1. A default program will automatically be ‘available’ in TieLink and answer calls, or
  2. Create a program with “Advertise on TieLink” selected, and
  3. Lock this program in the codec

on the dialing codec:

  1. Refresh the ‘Contact List panel’ in the Toolbox web-GUI
  2. Create a program and select a TieLink contact to dial.

Software Tools

The illustration below explains the differences between the Cloud Codec Controller, TieLink & TieServer Console and how they work together.

Cloud Codec Controller

The Cloud Codec Controller manages an entire fleet of Tieline codecs and all Report-IT Enterprise users in real-time from the studio

TieServer Console

The TieServer Console is used to add codecs to a TieServer domain and manage Report-IT Enterprise user accounts

TieLink product logo

TieLink Traversal Server

TieLink can be used to add codecs to a TieServer domain and centralize codec contact list management, by providing self-discovery of codecs within 'call groups', and NAT traversal to simplify connections.

FREE to use with:

Including WheatNet-IP Version

Including WheatNet-IP Version