Compressed µMPX and uncompressed FM-MPX encoding and decoding

Tieline Unveils MPX Solutions

The Benefits of MPX Solutions:

It is widely acknowledged that the transportation of composite MPX signals from the studio to transmitter sites delivers a more streamlined and cost effective approach to FM radio broadcasting. Sending transmission-ready FM-MPX composite signals from the studio allows broadcasters to maintain baseband audio processing and RDS data insertion at the studio. This significantly reduces capital and operational costs by eliminating processing equipment from transmitter sites. It also dramatically reduces a network’s carbon footprint by lowering on-site power consumption, wiring and rack space requirements. In addition, fewer site visits for service and support are required.

Tieline MPX Codec Options

Tieline’s MPX I and MPX II codecs deliver composite FM multiplex (MPX) codec solutions for real-time network distribution of FM-MPX or MicroMPX* (µMPX) signals to transmitter sites. The MPX I is ideal for transmitting a composite STL signal from a single station with return monitoring, whereas the Tieline MPX II can transport two discrete composite FM-MPX signals from the studio to transmitters with return monitoring. Both units support analog MPX on BNC, MPX over AES192, and multipoint signal distribution, to deliver a wide range of flexible composite encoder and decoder solutions for different applications.

Tieline Unveils MPX Solutions
Compressed µMPX and uncompressed FM-MPX encoding and decoding

The MPX I and MPX II support sending the full uncompressed FM signal, or high quality compressed µMPX at much lower bit-rates. You can order an optional DVB-S2 satellite tuner card at purchase to support decoding DVB-S or DVB-S2 signals.

*Optional Feature

MPX Composite Distribution

MPX can be distributed to transmitter sites using the following options:

  • Wireless Point-to-Point STL links
  • Managed networks and unmanaged Public WANs
  • Satellite links using MPEG-TS
MPX composite transmission options
MPX composite transmission options

Distribution of MPX composite signals from the studio or playout centre substantially reduces costs by eliminating expensive audio processing and RDS generation requirements at STL sites. Multipoint distribution via multicast or multi-unicast technologies reduces costs even further, by affordably replicating MPX composite streams using a single MPX I or MPX II encoder, similar to how baseband IP audio streams are replicated in audio codecs. Compressed µMPX composite signals can be distributed over WANs like the internet at low bitrates to reduce bandwidth requirements.

Full remote monitoring and control is available using the HTML5 Toolbox Web-GUI, Cloud Codec Controller, plus comprehensive automated alarms and SNMP monitoring. The MPX I and MPX II are expected to ship later this year.

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(“Tieline Unveils MPX Solutions” first published on 15th March 2023)



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