Tieline Retires Commander G3 Field and Rack Unit Codecs

As they say, all good things must come to an end.

------ Commander G3s
Commander G3 Field and Rack Codecs

After 15 years of outstanding sales and product performance, Tieline has decided to end production of its renowned Commander G3 Field and Rack Unit codecs. The main reason for this decision is that many components have gone end-of-life. As a result, the last production run was completed in August, 2018.

Thousands of broadcasters around the world rely on Tieline to deliver reliable audio for their remote broadcasts, studio-to-transmitter-links, audio distribution and newsgathering every day. Our customers expect the highest in quality, reliability and value and our Commander range has certainly delivered this over many years.

Commander G3 codecs have been replaced by the G5 range of codecs, which includes ViA, Merlin, Merlin PLUS, Genie STL and Genie Distribution. These codecs include all the functionality of the Commander range, with significantly enhanced feature-sets.

The Tieline i-Mix G3 will still be available, however Commander G3 Field and Rack unit codecs, and G3 accessories, will no longer be available once the last of these items have been sold. Tieline will continue to support and service the Tieline G3 range of products for as long as possible while parts are still available.

We are grateful for the support and loyalty of our customers and look forward to that continuing in the future.

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