Tieline Releases New Firmware for Bridge-IT & Bridge-IT XTRA Codecs

Leading audio codec manufacturer Tieline Technology has announced the release of new firmware v2.16.120 that delivers a huge range of exciting new features in Bridge-IT and Bridge-IT XTRA codecs.

SmartStream PLUS and Fuse-IP Support Added

The v2.16.120 firmware release includes support for SmartStream PLUS dual redundant IP streaming. “For over a decade Tieline has specialized in broadcasting reliable audio over imperfect networks like the public internet using a range of wired and wireless IP technologies,” said Will McLean, Tieline’s CEO. “This experience has allowed us to develop and integrate market-leading SmartStream PLUS technology into all our new generation IP codecs. The firmware release also supports Bridge-IT codecs receiving Fuse-IP streams from ViA, Merlin and Genie codecs using Fuse-IP bonding.

New HTML5 Program Wizard

Tieline has fully integrated Program creation into the HTML5 Toolbox web-browser Graphical User Interface (GUI) for all Bridge-IT codecs. This was necessary because major web-browsers like Chrome and Edge have moved away from supporting Java and the new Toolbox HTML5 GUI runs seamlessly on modern browsers. As a result, firmware from v2.16.120 will no longer fully support the old Java Toolbox GUI.

“We found some users experienced connectivity issues due to regular Java updates designed to mitigate exposure to security vulnerabilities,” said Charlie Gawley, VP Sales APAC & EMEA. “By using the HTML5 Toolbox these issues are avoided completely.”

The upgraded HTML5 Toolbox will run on Mac, Windows and Linux computers, expanding the range of devices engineers can use for program configuration.

Other features in the v2.16.120 release include support for:

  • SNMP.
  • Deterministic SIP routing and upgraded SIP security features.
  • Adding 6 SIP user accounts and 2 SIP interfaces.
  • Codec caller IDs.
  • Support for digital SSL certificates.
  • Improvements to Speed Dialing
  • Firmware upgrades using an SD card.
  • Backup and restore system configuration using an SD card.

For more information visit www.tieline.com

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