Tieline Announces VIP-Connect Launch in Report-IT

Leading audio codec manufacturer Tieline Technology today announced the launch of VIP-Connect, a Report-IT Enterprise enhancement allowing users to securely log in and launch the app with a single touch, without entering username and password credentials.

--- VIP-Connect workflow
VIP-Connect Workflow

With VIP-Connect, a user simply installs the Report-IT Enterprise app on their smartphone via a free download, and then:

  1. A Report-IT Enterprise administrator generates a unique VIP-Connect URL with the Tieserver Management Console and sends it via an email, text or messaging app to the user.
  2. The user taps the VIP-Connect URL to automatically launch Report-IT Enterprise and log in with fully secure credentials.

VIP-Connect logs the user into the app and configures the Report-IT Enterprise app to connect securely to a studio codec and stream crystal clear, high-fidelity audio at the touch of a button.

“Many customers requested this feature to make it really simple for VIP guests, or occasional users of Report-IT, to launch the app and connect live to the studio,” said Charlie Gawley, Tieline’s VP Sales APAC/EMEA. “This enhancement makes it even simpler to connect and go live with the world’s most popular smartphone codec app, because with VIP-Connect there’s no need to enter a user name and password to connect quickly and securely.”

--- Report-IT Vertical Sliders
Report-IT Enterprise

VIP-Connect URLs can be created using the PC/Mac version of Tieline’s Tieserver Management Console. Security is paramount and administrators can configure unique URLs for each Report-IT Enterprise user account and individually control the effective life of every URL created.

VIP-Connect will be available as a free upgrade in the Report-IT Enterprise app, available soon in the iTunes App Store and on Google Play.
Administrators currently using the Tieserver Console app can purchase a subscription for the PC/Mac Tieserver Management Console to access this new feature.

Tieline is renowned for revolutionising smartphone reporting by launching Report-IT, the world’s first smartphone codec application in 2009. The company is recognized globally as a visionary technology leader with numerous awards for Report-IT and other codec innovations in the realm of IP and cellular technologies.

Visit Tieline booth # 8.E74 at IBC and for more information visit www.tieline.com/report-it.

Contact Tieline

  1. For USA, Canada & Latin America contact: sales@tieline.com
  2. For Australia and International: info@tieline.com
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