SmartStream PLUS

Inexpensive IP Links Delivering Flawless Broadcast Quality Audio.

Smart !

Mike Adams
Host of AgriTalk

Multiple Redundant streams

Dual Ethernet ports and wireless interfaces* deliver seamless redundancy over multiple IP interfaces

Cheaper to run

Say goodbye to expensive synchronous leased lines & Satellite links

Switch without audio loss

Switch back and forth between streams without loss of audio

Auto Reconstruction

When multiple streams are sent the decoding codec will reconstruct the audio into a perfect single stream

Did we Mention...

it's FREE !

Other manufacturers charge thousands of dollars for IP management software like SmartStream PLUS as if it’s an optional extra, however Tieline believes high performance and rock-solid reliability is an essential part of each and every broadcast, and therefore delivers its renowned SmartStream PLUS IP streaming software for free.

how it works

Stream simultaneous data streams from any available data interfaces to deliver seamless redundancy by switching back and forth, without loss of audio, from the nominated primary data link to the backup link if one fails and then subsequently recovers. Up to 3 redundant streams can be configured for each audio stream in hardware codecs – in addition to the primary audio stream, delivering multiple layers of redundancy.

When multiple redundant audio streams are sent, the decoding codec automatically reconstructs audio into a perfect single stream on a first packet arrived basis to ensure audio integrity.

SmartStream PLUS Included with:

Including WheatNet-IP Version

Including WheatNet-IP Version

Including Bridge-IT XTRA