Report-IT SIP

Expand your Streaming Options !

Report-IT SIP integrates the technology in Tieline’s award-winning Report-IT Live app and expands the streaming options available for mobile journalism applications. With Report-IT SIP you can connect to a non-Tieline audio codec at the studio and stream using the award winning features and functionality of Tieline’s other apps.

The ultimate iPhone® reporting application

Report-IT SIP is ideal for freelance journalists or reporters in small networks where remote connection management is not required. Connect live to a Tieline codec in the studio or non-Tieline SIP codecs and turn your iPhone® or compatible Apple® device into a pocket-sized portable IP codec and recorder.

Features at a glance...


Licensed for installation onto a single iPhone® (cannot be programmed remotely).


All settings managed within the app on the phone itself

Unlimited Live Time

Basic app provides 2 hours of 'live-time' broadcast hours. More hours available through in-app purchases

Account locked to device

Report-IT Live is purchased through the App Store meaning the app cannot be transferred if someone leaves the organization

No Annual Subscription

Report-IT Live or Pro does not require an annual subscription


Report live and record simultaneously & Offline Recording supported


Insert multiple recordings in playlists for live reports.

Audio Editing

Top and tail, or highlight and save only the best elements of your audio recording for live playout or FTP transfer. Also integrates with AudioCopy compliant Apps for editing.


Bidirectional live high fidelity audio

Pro Mics

Connect a professional Shure® microphone and headphones when reporting.

Station Logo

Display your own/station logo and byline during a live or pre-recorded report.


G.711, G.722, Opus

SmartStream PLUS

SmartStream PLUS Redundant Streaming (Tieline to Tieline only)

FTP Transfer

File transfers using WAV and AAC-LC formats.

Single Touch

Broadcast 15kHz live two-way interviews with the studio with a touch of a single button

High Quality Microphone

Use the high quality mic on your smartphone to prerecord up to 20kHz quality high fidelity audio, then file reports via FTP automatically

3rd party adapter cables

Attach a professional dynamic mic to your phone using a compatible third-party microphone adapter cable.

Try Report-IT for Free

You can download and install Report-IT to try for FREE right now. The FREE App is called Report-IT Lite and can be downloaded from the App Store®. Report-IT Lite is only available on Apple® devices. Report-IT Lite cannot connect to non-Tieline SIP codecs.

You will require a Tieline codec to connect to. We will email you a list of our test codecs so you can connect immediately if you don’t have one of your own.

Buy Report-IT SIP

You can purchase Report-IT Live directly from the Apple® App Store®. Upgrade to the Pro version for unlimited Live Time.


If you purchase Report-IT SIP you will need a Tieline codec or a non-Tieline SIP codec in the studio to broadcast live from your iPhone (e.g. Tieline Bridge-IT, Merlin, or Merlin PLUS codec).

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