Report-IT Enterprise

The World's First Most Popular Feature Rich Remote Broadcast App

Go live first with the multi award-winning Report-IT app which turns your smartphone into a pocket-sized high fidelity IP audio codec and ultra-slim high quality audio recorder. 

Scalable reporting application for Apple© and Android™

Report-IT Enterprise is a scalable solution for small, medium and large networks, enabling central management of everyday reporters and guest contributors using cloud-based technologies.

Deploy a smartphone codec in the field at a moment’s notice and connect to Tieline or N/ACIP compliant codecs* in seconds.

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Features at a glance...


Cloud-based solution scaleable to suit specific needs of small, medium or large organizations.

Tieserver Console Smartphone Application

Manage all users in the cloud from anywhere using the TieServer Console smartphone application for FREE.

Unlimited Live Time

Report-IT Enterprise has no live-time restrictions.


Tieline Music and Opus encoding for live streaming.

Secure Password Login

An administrator can create secure account login credentials for all users in your network

Account not locked to device

Report-IT Enterprise is cloud-based so your Admin can create and delete user accounts, protecting you if someone leaves the organization


Your Admin can generate a VIP-Connect URL & send it via email, text or message. A user can click the link which will automatically launch the app and log in.

Annual Subscription

Report-IT Enterprise requires an annual subscription


Report live and record simultaneously & support for offline recording


Insert multiple recordings in playlists for live reports.

Audio Editing

Top and tail, or highlight and save only the best elements of your audio recording for live playout or FTP transfer. Also integrates with AudioCopy compliant Apps for editing.


Bidirectional live 20kHz audio
(supports live audio at 14.4Kbps).

Auto File Transfer

Automatic file transfers using WAV or AAC-LC on disconnect.

Pro Mics

Connect a professional Shure® microphone and headphones when reporting.

Station Logo

Display your own/station logo and byline during a live or pre-recorded report.

SmartStream PLUS

SmartStream PLUS Redundant Streaming


TieServer Console PC/Mac (optional)*

Register an administrator account and domain name for your network on TieServer and use a PC or Mac to configure all Report-IT user accounts

SIP Upgrade (optional)*

Connect to non-Tieline N/ACIP compatible SIP codecs (subscription fees apply)

How does it work?

How to buy Report-IT Enterprise?

A one-time establishment fee which includes the first year’s subscription for 10 users, without device restrictions. Users can install and use Report-IT on multiple devices (subject to fair usage policy).

For Pricing and details on how to purchase a TieServer subscription contact Tieline below or find your local dealer.

Try Report-IT for FREE!

You can download and install Report-IT Enterprise to try for FREE right now. 

Once you have registered it may take a working day to receive your email with instructions on how to get started. 

1) Download Report-IT Enterprise from the App Store® or Google Play™

2) Complete the Registration form

Select “Request a 2 week evaluation of Tieline Cloud Services”


If you purchase Report-IT Live you will need a Tieline codec in the studio to broadcast live from your iPhone (e.g. Tieline Bridge-IT, Merlin, or Merlin PLUS codec).

To renew our registration you will need to:

  1. Contact Tieline or your favorite dealer to arrange purchasing a renewal
  2. Fill in the form from this link This must be filled in by you “the customer” to accept the terms and conditions.
  3. Select “Register a new, additional, or renewal Report-IT Enterprise Edition purchase.”
  4. There is a box on the form that will ask you for the invoice number. Please enter the invoice number from Tieline or your Dealer.

Once the form is completed activation should be completed within 24hrs

You will receive a notification from Tieline by email.

When using the Report-IT Enterprise app on an iOS or Android device you may see the error message “valid codec address not specified”. This is usually caused by one of the following two reasons:

  1. A user has logged in but the system administrator has not granted access to any codecs for that user.

    To resolve this issue the system administrator needs to use the Tieserver Console app or TieServer Management Console to add “Authorized Codecs” to the Report-IT Enterprise user account and select a “Default Codec” as required.
  2. “Valid codec address not specified” may also be displayed if you have logged into Report-IT as an administrator and have either not authorized any codecs for the administrator account, or have not configured an IP address/hostname for a codec.


To resolve this issue the system administrator needs to use the Tieserver Console app or TieServer Management Console to add “Authorized Codecs” to the administrator account, or configure IP address/hostname settings for the codec/s.

Contact Tieline or your favorite dealer about purchasing this optional feature.

Report-IT Enterprise is different from Report-IT Live and Report-IT Lite because you are able to move your license from any “i-device” (iphone/iPod/iPad) to another iDevice every 24 hours.

If you are an administrator and you create a license for a user, that user license will be fixed to the first device that it is deployed upon from the time you log out of your session. For example, Reporter A logs into an iPhone at 10:25, conducts a report and logs out at 10:30. That user license may not be moved to another iPhone/iPod/iPad for 24 hours from the last log out time. However Reporter A can use the same login on the same device indefinitely.

If an Adminstrator creates a user login and then launches it on their device to “check that it works” before giving it to Reporter A to deploy on “another” device, then Reporter A will not be able to use that license until 24 hours has expired. Therefore adminstrators should be careful to give the user an “unused” login for thier device.

The way around this is to delete the user login and create a new one which can then be deployed on a new device.  

  1. Tap to open the Report-IT Enterprise Edition app on your iPhone and sign in with the administrator account username and password provided by Tieline.
  2. Tap the information symbol in the bottom right-hand corner of the main screen to access the “Configuration” screen.
  3. Tap “Launch TieServer Console” and then tap “Users”.
  4. Tap the “Plus symbol” in the top right-hand corner of the “User Accounts” screen.
  5. Tap “User Name” and enter the username for this user account, then tap “Done”.
  6. Next tap “Email” and enter the user’s email address, then tap “Done”.
  7. Next tap “Done” in the top right-hand corner of the “Create User Accounts” screen.
  8. Tap to select a user in the “User Account” screen, then tap “Authorized Codecs”.
  9. Tap to select codecs in the list of “Authorized Codecs”. A tick appears next to each selected codec. The user will be authorized to connect with all codecs in this screen displaying a tick. Tap “Default Codec” to select a single codec as the default codec to which this user will connect. Tap “Done” in the top right-hand corner of the screen when complete.
  10. Next tap “Report-IT Settings” and configure custom settings for this user, or tap to select “Use Defaults”, which will select the default user settings configured in your administrator account. Tap “Done” in the top right-hand corner of the screen when configuration is complete. 

If you require further assistance check out our online Report-IT Enterprise user manual

All user manuals for Report-IT and TieServer Console apps are available in PDF format on their respective support page

As of version 3.0.2 of Report-IT Live, Professional, & Enterprise Edition, audio input/output to any bluetooth audio device that can be “paired” to an iPhone is supported. The only constraint is that the bluetooth device must be able to “pair” with the iPhone and so audio quality will be limited to whatever bluetooth profile the device/iPhone can establish.

While Tieline has tested a number of bluetooth devices, from low-cost consumer hands-free kits through to professional audio solutions like the JKAudio Dapter 3, ultimately the bluetooth device manufacturer should first be contacted in order to determine whether their product can be “paired” with an iPhone and what the expected audio quality is prior to purchasing any devices. Furthermore, the bluetooth device manufacturer should be contacted for any support issues relating to the iPhone “pairing” process.

Bluetooth device audio input/output is not supported in Report-IT Lite.

Report-IT is installed with Bluetooth input support switched off by default. This is done to prevent unintended use of paired devices in the vicinity of the iPhone while using Report-IT. To switch on Bluetooth support, set the “Bluetooth Input” switch to ON in the “Configuration” screen.

iOS Import / Export of Audio Files
Report-IT Enterprise (for iOS) is capable of sharing recorded reports with DropBox (and any other App installed that accepts audio files) via the standard iOS Document Sharing facility.

When selecting a recorded Report in the Manage Your Reports activity, at the very bottom of the list of actions, there is an “Open In…” option. This will present the standard iOS screen for presenting a set of activities that you can use to open the report in. For example, there should be a “Copy to Dropbox” if you have the Drop Box app installed.

Likewise, the reverse can also be used from within an App that supports iOS Document Sharing (such as Drop Box) to import a recording into Report-IT.

Android Import / Export of Audio Files

On Android it is possible to get recordings into Report-IT as follows:

 From the Drop Box App:

  1. Use the “˅” button on the desired .wav file
  2. Choose “Export” from the menu
  3. Choose “Save to device” from “Export this file” menu
  4. Use the “Save” button

From the Google Drive App:

  1. Use the “⋮” button on the desired .wav file
  2. Choose “Download” from the menu

The .wav file will now be in the Downloads directory. A file management app such “ES File Manager” is required to move the file into the required directory.

From ES File Explorer:

  1. User the “☰” button in the top left corner
  2. Choose “Local” from the menu
  3. Choose “Download” under “Local”
  4. Use the “⋮” button in the top right
  5. Choose “View” from the menu
  6. Choose “Large/Medium/Small Detail”
  7. Use the “○” button on the desired .wav file
  8. Choose the “⋮ More” button in the bottom right
  9. Choose “Move to” from the menu
  10. Choose the “Tieline” folder from the menu
  11. Use the “OK” Button
  12. Force Close Report-It
  13. Re-open Report-It. The playlists will be updated with deleted and added .wav files.

The exact instructions may change slightly depending on Android version/App version, but the concept should remain the same.

  1. Check the connection bit-rate programmed into Report-IT. The Tieline Music algorithm is optimised for connections up to 28.8Kbps, but it can also deliver good quality audio at lower bit-rates if the available data bandwidth is low over wireless 3G networks. Perhaps drop the bit-rate to 24Kbps and see if this improves the connection if you have a higher bit-rate programmed.
  2. Please check the studio codec’s jitter buffer setting. If you are using a G3 Commander Rack Mount codec you can check this by pressing button 3 “Wiz” below the front panel LCD screen, then navigate through the menu to “Jitter Buffer”. Best Compromise is normally appropriate for most connections. If a fixed jitter buffer is selected and you are losing packets and hearing artifacts, either increase the fixed setting and retest your connection, or select an adaptive auto jitter buffer setting like Best Compromise. 
  3. It is also possible to check if you are losing abnormal numbers of audio packets by pressing the “Enter/Dial” button on the codec while you are connected to an iPhone using Report-IT. Check the jitter buffer depth displayed and also the number of “Lost” packets while connected. If you are losing a lot of packets then this would also indicate a jitter buffer issue.
  4. You can download operational logs from Report-IT on the iPhone, which will let our engineers discover the reliability of packets sent from the phone, as well as incoming packets from the codec at the studio. To sent Tieline the logs tap the “i” symbol in the bottom-right corner of the front screen of Report-IT, then tap “Support” > “Send Logs to Tieline” and enter the name of your Radio Station or relevant identifier. Then tap “Upload” to send the logs to Tieline support for review. Note: it is not normally necessary to send all logs. We will contact you if more than the most recent log files are required.
  5. One final thing to check is the default profile setting within Report-IT. Report-IT Enterprise v.3.0.7 and higher has a default profile setting within it, which can be programmed to change the profile on the codec to which it is connecting. If the default setting is programmed, nothing should change on the studio codec. However, if a custom profile has been programmed into this setting, the studio codec may be programmed with settings which are incompatible with live wireless IP connections. I.e., a fixed buffer setting with a low jitter buffer depth.

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