Report-IT Default Folder for Recordings

Your Old Report-IT Recordings Are Not Lost…

When updating Report-IT Enterprise to Android versions higher than v2.8.238 the default folder for recordings is automatically changed. This update is a requirement for compatibility with Android 11, to comply with recent security enhancements.

New File System Defaults After This Security Update

The new ‘default’ folder stores recordings in an encrypted location which is inaccessible to other apps when running Android 10+. If you do not need to access old recordings the changeover will be seamless and you can access new recordings from the default encrypted folder.

Accessing Old Recordings

If recordings have been saved to the old default folder, when you try to select them in the “Manage Reports” or “Playlist” screens, you will see the following error message in a dialog:

“Error opening report: Report could not be found. Select OK to find the file to relink.”

To re-link to the report in the old default folder:

  1. Tap “OK” in the error message dialog.
  2. The Android device will open a native file explorer to navigate the file system.
  3. Old recordings are usually in the root ‘Internal Storage’ directory > Tieline folder. Please note that Android “Internal Storage” may have a different file path and naming convention between different Android devices.
  4. Tap to select the report in the old folder to re-link to it.

If you have previously selected a custom storage location in Report-IT by selecting Settings > Audio > Audio Storage Location, the recordings will be in that folder. To continue saving files to a custom location, you must re-select the new location to give Report-IT the required permission to access it.

Please Note: Not using the default encrypted folder makes recordings accessible to other apps with permission to view that folder as well.

Old Files Not Visible in Manage Reports

Some Android devices will populate the old files in the “Manage Reports” and “Playlist” screens and it is simple to re-link to the file as required.  However, on some devices, the old files are not visible in these screens after the update. If this occurs, it is necessary to import an old report into the new default folder as follows:

  1. Navigate to the “Manage Reports” screen.
  2. Tap the “Plus symbol” at the top of the screen.
  3. Tap to select the file to import it into the app’s default storage folder.
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