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Podcast with Tieline ViA

How to Podcast with Tieline ViA Codec

The v.2.20.xx Tieline ViA firmware release delivers FTP and podcasting capability directly from the codec in the field. So now the ground-breaking ViA portable remote codec, which delivers live streaming with file record and playback capability, also doubles as a fully integrated podcast production studio!

With the Tieline ViA you can simultaneously record and play back audio files. So you can create a podcast recording on the go while live at a remote, or record a post-game show, complete with post-game interviews and sponsors’ messages – all without entering the studio! This delivers unprecedented flexibility for podcast production in the field and reduces the requirement for PCs or other devices in the field for podcast production. This also reduces setup time on location.

Create Simple Podcasts of Live Remotes and Post-game Shows

Podcast with the Tieline ViA
Podcast file uploading from the Tieline ViA

There are several options to podcast with Tieline ViA. As an example, before a live event prerecord all your music and sponsors’ messages onto an SD card and insert this in the ViA. At your remote site pre-record any interviews onto the codec and then go live. Simultaneously record your output onto the ViA’s SD card to create the podcast recording. All input sources can be selected or deselected as required.

During the recording insert live content, pre-recorded interviews, music and ads. At the end of the broadcast simply navigate to the FTP Upload page and tap ‘Send’ to upload the file and you are done! A similar workflow can be used for post-game sports show podcasts as well. The possibilities are endless.

See the latest ViA codec user manual for more details on live streaming, record and playback functions, and FTP uploads. For more information on Tieline ViA visit www.tieline.com/via or contact sales@tieline.com.

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