New ChatterBox Remote Intercom Solution at NAB2018

Leading audio codec manufacturer Tieline Technology has announced it will unveil a new IFB and push-to-talk (PTT) intercom solution called ChatterBox at NAB2018. A single ChatterBox rack-mount unit at the studio provides up to 6 channels of high-quality intercom audio for remote broadcasts. To complement this, a simple ChatterBox smartphone app delivers up to six dedicated IFB and push-to-talk communications circuits. Unlike DECT-based services, ChatterBox provides true roaming and portability over cellular networks (3G, 4G LTE, 5G) and Wi-Fi for remote television broadcasts.

“Delivering high-quality full-duplex communications between a remote location and the studio can be one of the most challenging aspects of a successful live remote broadcast,” said Will McLean, CEO Tieline Group of Companies. “ChatterBox delivers a high fidelity IFB communications solution which provides discrete program and IFB feeds with push-to-talk communications back to the studio from any remote location. Best of all, it delivers the freedom to communicate over readily available cellular and Wi-Fi networks from anywhere in the world.”

How does it work?

Reporters, guests and other on-air talent, as well as remote directors, producers, camera operators and other technical staff no longer have to carry bulky belt pack intercom units. They can simply download the ChatterBox app onto their iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, open the app, connect, and then tap the device screen to activate PTT talkback paths directly to the ChatterBox rack unit.

At the studio, route high quality, low latency intercom audio directly from the rack unit into studio communications panels for control room directors, producers, program directors, master control operators and other technical staff as required.

The Chatter Box app interfaces with your favorite earphones and microphones – you can even use a remote control button to activate the PTT function remotely! Up to 6 soft push-to-talk buttons are available in the ChatterBox app to allow a remote user to send low latency talkback audio to up to 6 different destinations at the studio.

Eliminate Legacy Technologies with Chatter Box

Tieline specializes in encoding broadcast quality, low latency audio over IP. With television and radio studios transitioning to IP only environments, now is the time to leverage the new IP technologies in ChatterBox to deliver IFB and talkback intercom solutions of the future. At the same time, networks can eliminate their reliance on old and inferior technologies like POTS hybrids and reduce ongoing costs substantially.

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