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Do you need to work remotely?

Does your on-air talent need to work remotely?

With the COVID-19 situation forcing social distancing strategies upon us all, broadcasters require contingency plans to allow station talent to stay safe and go live on-air remotely. It is more important than ever to implement agile remote broadcast solutions and Tieline has a range of solutions to suit every budget.

The ViA Codec for Fully Optioned Remotes from Home…

Tieline ViA Codec for Live Remotes
Tieline ViA Codec Delivers Flexible At-home Connection Options

The ViA remote codec allows a broadcaster at home to stream live audio, record interviews, view and manage recordings, create playlists of local and imported files and even produce podcasts that can be sent via FTP directly from the unit. The ViA is capable of mono, stereo, dual mono, triple mono as well as stereo plus mono connections. This provides great flexibility and the ability to incorporate guests into live broadcasts using Tieline’s Report-IT app or other IP codecs. For more information about the ViA codec visit https://tieline.com/via/

The ViA is often paired with a Merlin or Merlin PLUS rack mount codec at the studio. Merlin PLUS supports up to 6 simultaneous connections with any combination of IP codecs or Report-IT app user connections. For more details see https://tieline.com/merlin-plus/

Merlin PLUS, when you need to work remotely

Affordable Solutions: Go Live Remotely with Report-IT

With Report-IT Enterprise you can work remotely
Report-IT Enterprise Connected Live

If you own codecs already, one of the simplest and most affordable ways to scale up your ability to work from home is with the Report-IT Enterprise app. Report-IT is free for users to download and turns any smartphone into a pocket-sized IP codec that is very simple to use.

  1. At the touch of a button journalists and guests can broadcast live IP audio over cellular or Wi-Fi from any remote location to an IP codec in the studio.
  2. Perfect for remote broadcasts, live reports or two-way interviews, simply connect earphones to a phone and hear studio communications and program audio in real-time while broadcasting.
  3. It’s affordable and scalable to suit the specific needs of small, medium or large organizations.

You can even attach a professional mic to a phone using a compatible third-party microphone adapter cable!

Configure Report-IT User Accounts Remotely

Engineers can configure user accounts remotely, so users need no technical knowledge whatsoever to get started. Guests can use VIP-Connect* and simply tap a hyperlink to launch the app and login – they are ready to connect in seconds. Learn more about using Report-IT at https://tieline.com/report-it/

Bridge-IT and Report-IT – a complete low-cost live broadcast solution…

If you don’t already own a Tieline codec and need to work remotely and affordably expand your capability, pair Report-IT with Bridge-IT Pro or Bridge-IT XTRA. Quickly deploy the Report-IT app to all your remote  talent and then use Bridge-IT to receive high fidelity, studio quality audio. Thousands of broadcasters use Bridge-IT and Report-IT every single day for live broadcasts around the world. Learn more about Bridge-IT at https://tieline.com/bridge-it/

Report-IT and Bridge-IT when you need to work remotely
Use Report-IT and Bridge-IT as an affordable remote solution

Control All Codecs and Report-IT Users Remotely

Cloud Codec Controller Controlling Report-IT User
Controlling a Report-IT User with the Cloud Codec Controller

Tieline’s Cloud Codec Controller is the easiest way for engineers to remotely control all codecs and Report-IT users from home or anywhere there is an internet connection. It delivers:

  • Real time online/offline status of supported codecs and users logged into Report-IT Enterprise.
  • Monitoring of connection status, link quality and audio levels.
  • Remote adjustment of audio levels.
  • The ability to remotely dial and hang-up remote codec connections from the studio.

Learn more about the Cloud Codec Controller and find out how to try it for free at https://tieline.com/cloud-codec-controller

Read the FREE Broadcasting from Home eBook

The Broadcasting from home eBook

With ‘Working from Home’ being the ‘new normal’ for many radio broadcasters due to the coronavirus emergency, Tieline has put together an eBook to discuss remote options and solutions with a range of broadcasters and audio codec specialists.

Click to read this free eBook today.  

Contact Tieline:

• For USA, Canada & Latin America contact: sales@tieline.com
• For Australia and International: info@tieline.com

(“Do you need to work remotely?” First published on March 20, 2020)


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