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It's a Merlin, PLUS More...

Rapidly expand your remote capability with the award winning Merlin PLUS and manage up to 6 bidirectional mono connections with IP codecs or smartphones using Report-IT, saving money on codec hardware costs and reducing studio rack space requirements.

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Merlin PLUS supports up to 6 simultaneous bidirectional connections with remote codecs like ViA and the Report-IT app. Watch to learn more.


Designed to deliver rock solid, high fidelity IP audio over an extensive range of public and private IP networks. Merlin PLUS also supports connections over ISDN with optional plug-in modules.

Features at a glance...

2 x Stereo plus IFB

2 x stereo bidirectional connection plus 2 bidirectional mono IFB comms channels.

Dual Ethernet Ports

Simultaneously connect over different Telcos using separate LAN ports for diversity using SmartStream PLUS

Module Compatible *

Expand connectivity options with optional ISDN Modules

Dual Redundant Power Supplies

Dual Power Supplies to protect you in case one fails

Wi-Fi (USB Dongle)

Expand your network options and connect over Wi-Fi networks

6 Audio Channels

Additional 4 Channels In/Out via DB-25


Silence, Detection, PSU Failure, Lost connection, Temperature, AES Input Lost, AES Reference Lost, SNMP

More channels

The extra channels provide more use-case options by allowing more simultaneous streams. Since Stereo connections require 2 channels for both “Left” and “Right” imagine the possibilities of: 


Reliability and Connectivity

Merlin PLUS will connect to all Tieline IP broadcast codecs, including G3, Bridge-IT and Genie codecs and Report-IT Enterprise smartphone applications.

It has dual 1 Gigabit (10/100/1000) onboard Ethernet ports, dual redundant power supplies, audio silence detection and IP network backup solutions to ensure you’re always on the air. An automated network failure detection feature provides switching to a backup IP LAN connection. You can also fail over to backup ISDN connections as required using optional ISDN modules.

Connection Transports

Merlin is specifically designed to deliver a wide variety of point-to-point and remote broadcast connections over the full suite of wired and wireless IP networks, including:

[1] Requires 3rd party device

SmartStream PLUS redundant streaming

Connect two inexpensive IP links to codecs with SmartStream PLUS and stream simultaneous redundant data streams from dual Ethernet ports and deliver seamless redundancy when streaming over IP.

Bond multiple interfaces with Fuse-IP

Imagine the peace of mind knowing you can bond Ethernet ports or Wi-Fi from different Telcos and let Tieline’s Fuse-IP technology automatically manage the data capability of each link!







*Modules sold Separately

*MPEG Layer-3 audio coding technology licensed from Fraunhofer IIS and Thomson Licensing.


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