MaxxKonnect Delivers Cellular Solutions

Jake’s Take – MaxxKonnect Delivers Cellular Solutions:

The flexibility of audio broadcast codecs is almost limitless for point-to-point audio delivery. Focusing on remote broadcasts, you have many different field options for connectivity, as well audio connectivity back to the studio. In this edition of Jake’s Take, we are going to explore a new internet reseller on the block – The MaxxKonnect Group based in the US, and how MaxxKonnect delivers cellular solutions.

The Tieline and MaxxKonnect Teams at NAB2022

What Does MaxxKonnect Provide?

First, some background… MaxxKonnect is a US wireless service reseller focused on the broadcast market. The MaxxKonnect Group over the past few years has been working closely with major wireless carriers throughout North American to resell special wireless internet services. The service accounts that they have set up allow their end-users to receive not only a wireless internet connection but an internet connection that is in a higher bandwidth pool than the normal consumer, as well as a more reliable connection overall. These accounts also come with a public static IP address that allows users to have more flexibility with their IP connections.

MaxxKonnect Delivering Cellular Solutions using Routers
Tieline ViA with some of the MaxxKonnect router options available

Helping Codec Users

How does MaxxKonnect work with Tieline? As MaxxKonnect offers a wireless service, they will in turn supply either dedicated SIM cards for the carrier network of your choice… or they will provide you with a pre-configured router for internet connectivity. With Tieline products, we don’t mind which route you end up going as Tieline can work with both solutions provided by MaxxKonnect.

As an example, if you are looking for a quick internet connection that can be used with literally anything IP related, then perhaps a router will work out best for you. The routers can plug into the back of the Tieline unit using the LAN connection, and now you have internet link for the Tieline codec and anything else you see fit. If you are looking for an easier solution with less equipment, then perhaps the Tieline ViA and LTE Aircard would be a better solution with MaxxKonnect’s SIM cards. Simply populate the ViA’s SIM card slot(s) with the SIM card of your choice, and connect right up to the wireless carriers within seconds.

MaxxKonnect Delivering Cellular Solutions
Tieline Bridge-IT XTRA with a MaxxKonnect router option

Remote and STL Solutions

What else could MaxxKonnect do with Tieline? As I mentioned earlier, MaxxKonnect not only provides higher bandwidth and a more robust internet connection but also has a public static IP address (IPv4). This allows end-users to set up MaxxKonnect internet services anywhere, not just in the field. You could have MaxxKonnect wired up at the station for a primary or backup internet connection. I’ve seen a lot of people set up MaxxKonnect internet for their STL locations and then run a Tieline Gateway or Bridge-IT across the link.

My personal favorite is using the MaxxKonnect service as an IP connection for inbound remote connections in the field. This can provide your field equipment with the ability to act as a handful of remote studios. The field unit can not only dial outbound to the studio, but also allow users to receive connections in the field from anywhere in the world – regardless of what audio codec you have.

In Summary

To recap this week’s Jakes’ take… MaxxKonnect Group is a company based in the US dedicated to broadcast services like wireless internet for connectivity. They can provide the bandwidth required for your station as well as a robust connection. With the added benefit of public IP addresses, the MaxxKonnect services can take your remote broadcasts to the next level. For those interested in more information about MaxxKonnect or Tieline products, please feel free to contact me. Or, feel free to go straight to the source… The MaxxKonnect Group – email Joe Myers at

For more details on MaxxKonnect watch the video below as Doug Ferber asks Josh Bohn about how MaxxKonnect’s services can assist Tieline codec users. For more details about Tieline codecs visit

(MaxxKonnect Delivers Cellular Solutions, first published on August 11th, 2022)


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