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Gateway Firmware

Release Date: 22nd March 2021

Firmware Release Notes

  • New features:
    • Codec WebGUI v2.11.24 and AoIP WebGUI v1.0.15
    • Added mix option to headphone source selection menu.
    • Improved AoIP subsystem startup time.
    • AoIP: Added SAP announcement support.
    • AoIP: Added support for hybrid E2E mode.
  • Enhancements:
    • Improvements to multiple, non phase-aligned AES3 on inputs 3-16.
    • Improvement to DHCP and static IP address.
    • ┬áImprovements to headphone monitor selection for audio streams
    • Improvements to stream numbering in Connections panel.
    • Improvements to RS232 baud rate settings
    • Enhanced backup/restore with SD card.
    • Improved PTP QoS settings.
    • Enhanced destination setting.
    • enhanced media level connection description
    • Allowed spaces in stream config
    • enhanced mono audio stream in 2 channel mode.
    • Improvements to PTP lock.
    • Improvements to PTP management messages
    • Added additional PTP settings in WebGUI
    • Added additional logging info
  • AoIP:
    • Fixed source channel misalignment issues
    • Destination streams now automatically configured in 8 channel mode if imported SDP rtpmap attribute indicates more than 2 channels
    • Removed PTP “Auto” Delay Mechanism option
    • Added AoIP diagnostics
  • SIP:
    • Fixed STUN crash issue
  • Programs:
    • Fixed issue where editing loaded programs could lead to a crash on disconnect

Initial firmware release


Tech Notes


Some things to check if AES67 streaming is not working include:

  1. Check the PTP clock synchronization in the Tieline codec and the device to which it is streaming and confirm they are locked and synchronized. This is verified in the AES67 Synchronization panel in the Tieline codec’s HTML5 Toolbox web-GUI.

Destination Stream Troubleshooting (Device to Tieline)

  1. Ensure the global digital input setting is configured for AoIP and not AES3 via the Audio Options panel > Digital Input Type [Audio Over IP (AES67)]. To configure this via the codec front panel press the SETTINGS > Audio Options > Input Type > AoIP.
  2. If audio is still not being received from another device double-check that the input itself is configured for digital audio and not analog (only for inputs 1-8) in the Inputs panel. This can also be checked via SETTINGS > Audio Inputs [Select input] > Type > Digital.
  3. Confirm all settings match the device streaming audio to the Tieline codec. E.g. Audio Sampling Rate, Audio Sampling Depth, Packet Time, Number of Channels streamed.
  4. Confirm the stream Status is Running.

Important Note: PPMs on the AoIP Destinations panel are inactive if the Digital Input Type is not set to AES67 and the corresponding input Type is not set as Digital.

Source Stream Troubleshooting (Tieline to Device)

  1. Ensure audio is metering on the outputs streaming to the other device. Note: When streaming in AES67 mode, the Matrix Editor hard coded output channel assignments depend on the stream configuration mode. See Configuring AES67 Sources and Destinations for more details.
  2. Confirm all settings match the device to which audio is being streamed by the Tieline codec. E.g. Audio Sampling Rate, Audio Sampling Depth, Packet Time, Number of Channels streamed.
  3. Confirm the stream Status is Running.

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