Tieline Gateway Wins NAB Show Product of the Year Award

Gateway Codec Delivers Innovations

Tieline Gateway is the Highest Density DSP-Based Audio Codec in 1RU

The Gateway is no ordinary codec. It is a powerful multichannel IP audio codec that delivers the industry’s highest density DSP-based IP codec in just 1RU.

Broadcasters these days want more functionality within a compact rackmount footprint, combined with simple connectivity and flexible remote control features. Gateway delivers all of this and more. It reliably transports multiple channels of mono or stereo audio across the public internet and any QoS-enabled IP network, including T1 and T3 connections and private WANs with MPLS. The Gateway can stream up to 16 IP audio channels with support for AES67, ST 2110-30, AES3 and analog I/O as standard.

Gateway Codec Delivers Innovation, Balance & Flexibility

Tieline Gateway Wins NAB Show Product of the Year Award
Gateway Codec Wins NAB Show Product of the Year Award

Tieline surveyed a very wide range of customers when designing the Gateway. Although no two customers are the same, users consistently sought a balance between increased channel density and not integrating too many audio streams in a single box from a risk perspective. With the Gateway, Tieline has hit the sweet spot that allays engineers’ fears of having ‘too many eggs in one basket.’

The Gateway is ideally suited to network audio syndication and perfect for STL, SSL and audio distribution applications, with support for multicasting and multiple unicasting technologies. It is also perfect for managing multiple incoming remotes at the studio. Gateway seamlessly integrates with AES67 studio LANs and is ideal for:

  • Audio contribution and managing multiple incoming remotes.
  • Studio-to-Transmitter Links.
  • Network syndication of programming.
  • Multi-channel links to remote studios.
Tieline Gateway, Winner of the NAB Show Product of the Year
The Gateway Codec Supports a Wide Range of Distribution and Contribution Applications

It’s Like Having 16 Codecs in One Box!

The Gateway supports up to 16 mono channels or 8 stereo streams of bidirectional IP audio in 1RU to increase efficiency and reduce rack space requirements for engineers. Simultaneously connect up to 16 hardware codecs or Report-IT Enterprise smartphone app users in a single codec – it’s like having 16 codecs in one box!

Tieline Gateway with Report-IT and ViA
Tieline Gateway with Report-IT and ViA Supports 16 Simultaneous Remotes

Rock Solid IP Connections

With hitless packet switching using SmartStream PLUS redundant streaming and bandwidth aggregation using Fuse-IP technologies over internet connections, the Gateway codec delivers innovations and rock solid and reliable redundancy options.

ViA Streaming 4 Simultaneous Streams to the Gateway Codec
ViA Streaming 4 Simultaneous Redundant IP Streams to the Gateway IP Codec


Customized Broadcast Options

Gateway Rear Panel: Gateway Codec Delivers Innovations
Gateway Rear Panel Displaying Streaming Ports and I/Os

The Gateway has two standard versions:

1. Gateway supporting 8 Channels in/out (8 Mono or 4 Stereo)
2. Gateway supporting 16 Channels in/out (16 Mono or 8 Stereo)

The codec also supports a flexible upgrade path that allows you to buy a Gateway with 8 channels and stream up to 8 mono or 4 stereo streams of IP audio. Therefore, if you need to expand channel and stream capacity, simply purchase an upgrade license and expand capacity in pairs up to 16 channels in total.


Flexible and Feature-rich

Tieline Cloud Codec Controller - Gateway Codec Delivers Innovations
Cloud Codec Controller for Managing Tieline Codecs Remotely

The Gateway codec front panel features a colour LCD screen and keypad, as well as 16 selectable PPMs. It is also configurable using an embedded HTML5 Toolbox Web-GUI interface, which allows full device configuration and control. Using the Tieline Cloud Codec Controller engineers can completely remote control all Gateway codec functions from anywhere with an internet connection.

Optional WheatNet-IP

Order an optional WheatNet-IP card for the Gateway when you purchase the codec. The WheatNet-IP card delivers interoperability with Wheatstone’s WheatNet-IP Environment and allows codec sources and destinations to be controlled using Navigator software.

Learn More…

The Tieline Gateway has already been acknowledged with two major awards for innovation. It won the 2020 NAB Show Product of the Year Award, as well as the Radio World International Best of Show Award in late 2019. Watch the video to learn more about how the Gateway Codec delivers innovations for AoIP streaming.

Watch the following video and see Tieline’s Doug Ferber and Charlie Gawley outline the solutions offered by the Gateway Multichannel IP codec.

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• For Australia and International: Call +61-8-9413 2000 or email info@tieline.com

For more information on the Tieline Gateway visit www.tieline.com/gateway

(“Gateway Codec Delivers Innovation” was first published on 28th October, 2020)



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