Gateway-4 codec streams stereo and mono audio with ViA codec

Gateway 4 Remotes and STLs

Gateway 4 Ideal for Remotes and STLs

Introducing Tieline’s New Generation 4 Channel Codec

The Gateway 4 is a powerful DSP-based 1RU IP codec designed for live remote broadcasting applications, as well as STLs or SSL links. The Gateway 4 also includes support for AES67, ST 2110-30, AES3 and analog I/O as standard, and an optional WheatNet-IP card. The Gateway 4 supersedes and replaces the popular Merlin and Genie STL audio codecs. It supports 4 full-duplex audio channels in 1RU to expand channel density by one when compared with these codecs.


The Gateway 4 is designed for solutions requiring up to 4 audio streaming channels with advanced redundancy features and remote configuration and control. It supports 4 full-duplex audio channels* in 1RU and is backward compatible with all Tieline IP codecs. The Gateway 4 provides two stereo connections, or one stereo and two mono connections, or up to 4 mono connections. The new generation Gateway 4 delivers best-in-class DSP-based reliability and performance for mission critical broadcast streaming applications. It is ideal for:

  • Remote broadcast applications.
  • Studio-to-Transmitter Links (STLs)
  • Studio-to-Studio Links (SSLs)

For larger networks the Gateway 4 is ideal for transmitter sites, remote trucks or rack-mounted remote kits. For affiliates and smaller stations it can be used to transport studio-to-studio links, or a stereo studio-to-transmitter link signal plus another stereo connection, or dual mono connections for remotes. The addition of the Gateway 4 codec to the Gateway codec family delivers a codec designed for streaming solutions requiring between 1 and 4 channels of audio. Customers with higher channel requirements will gravitate towards the Gateway-8/16 multi-channel codec. The Gateway 4 perfectly complements the Gateway-8/16 codec, which has increased capacity of between 8 and 16 channels of IP audio, depending on the channel configuration purchased.

Remotes, STLs and Audio Distribution using Gateway codecs
Network integration example of Gateway-8/16 and Gateway 4 Codecs


Gateway 4 – ideal for remotes…

Gateway 4 is ideal for remotes, and with 4 channels has increased capacity when compared to its predecessor the Merlin codec. This means it can support up to four simultaneous full-duplex mono remote connections.

Gateway-4 Codec Delivers 4 Mono Connections

The Gateway 4 is also ideal for connecting to the Tieline ViA codec, which simultaneously supports full-duplex stereo for program audio, plus a separate full-duplex mono IFB communications channel. Plus, the Gateway 4 will still have capacity for an additional mono connection if required.

Gateway-4 codec streams stereo and mono audio with ViA codec

Rock Solid STLs Featuring Multiple Layers of Redundancy…

The Gateway 4 delivers hitless packet switching using SmartStream PLUS redundant streaming, plus bandwidth aggregation using Fuse-IP technologies over internet connections. It features dual internal power supplies, dual LAN ports and dual AoIP ports. Automated network failure detection provides auto switching to a backup IP connection. The codec can automatically switch between 4 backup audio sources to maintain program output at transmitter sites. An optional Gateway Euro ISDN module can also be purchased for use with the Gateway 4. This allows the codec to integrate with legacy ISDN network infrastructure for primary or backup connections as required.

Gateway-4 codec connects with backup IP and ISDN connections
Gateway 4 codec connects with backup IP and ISDN connections


The Gateway 4 is also capable of multicasting, or multi-unicasting to up to 20 endpoints over IP.

Gateway-4 multi-unicasting to up to 20 codec endpoints
Gateway 4 multi-unicasting to up to 20 endpoints


Interoperability and Remote Control

Its feature-rich and compact design is interoperable with all Tieline IP codecs and compatible over SIP with all EBU N/ACIP Tech 3326 and 3368 compliant codecs and devices. Gateway 4 is fully optioned for today’s AoIP networks with support for AES67, ST 2110-30, and an optional WheatNet-IP card.

The Gateway codec family is configurable through an embedded HTML5 Toolbox Web-GUI interface and is also fully controllable using Tieline’s Cloud Codec Controller.

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* The Gateway 4 codec supports 4 channels only and is not upgradable to support more channels.

(Gateway 4 Remotes and STLs first published in February, 2021)


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