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MPX composite transmission options

Demystifying FM-MPX and MicroMPX Solutions By Jacob Daniluck, Tieline VP Sales Americas The Benefits of MPX Codecs Transporting composite MPX signals from the studio to transmitter sites delivers a more…

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Gateway and Gateway 4 Codecs Support WheatNet-IP with Optional Card Wheatstone Corporation uses the WheatNet-IP protocol to transport and manage IP streams throughout broadcast plants. A Tieline Gateway or Gateway…

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Compressed µMPX and uncompressed FM-MPX encoding and decoding
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The Benefits of MPX Solutions: It is widely acknowledged that the transportation of composite MPX signals from the studio to transmitter sites delivers a more streamlined and cost effective approach…

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Livewire GPIOs are supported in the Gateway codec

Jake’s Take on Using Livewire+ with Gateway: The Gateway IP Audio codec has now been out on the market for just over 2-years. In the initial release the unit supported…

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Native Livewire+ Support Available in Gateway Native Livewire+ AoIP support is included FREE in Gateway and Gateway 4 codecs from firmware release v3.06.08. No Hardware Upgrade Required... Best of all,…

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