Bridge-IT II Unveiled at NAB2024

Leading codec manufacturer Tieline the Codec Company today announced it will unveil the highly anticipated new Bridge-IT II and Bridge-IT XTRA II IP audio codecs at NAB2024. The new codecs are designed to deliver affordable, reliable, and high quality broadcast solutions for:

  • Home studios and simple remote broadcasts
  • Studio-to-Transmitter Links (STLs)
  • Studio-to-Studio Links (SSLs)
  • Multi-unicasting and Multicasting applications.
Bridge-IT II Codec Unveiled at NAB2024
Tieline Bridge-IT II codec

The new codecs include all your favorite first-generation Bridge-IT features: a front panel screen and keypad for simple menu navigation, XLR analog and digital AES inputs, a wide range of encoding options, and support for multi-unicast and multicast connections. New features to support modern networking requirements include:

  • Native support for AES67, ST2110-30, ST2022-7, Livewire, RAVENNA and AMWA NMOS IS-04 and IS-05.
  • Two full-duplex mono connections, or full duplex stereo.
  • Multiple Ethernet and AoIP ports.
  • Failover to another connection, HTTP stream, or audio file playback.
  • Support for wireless cellular modems.

“We know there is pent-up demand for the new Bridge-IT II codec and we are excited to show it for the first time at NAB,” said Will McLean, CEO Tieline Group of Companies. “We expect it to be very popular from both a feature set and price point perspective.”

The codecs support automated failover and SNMP for STL links. SmartStream PLUS redundant streaming and Fuse-IP data aggregation are also included as standard. They also connect over SIP with devices that are EBU N/ACIP Tech 3326, 3347 and 3368 compliant. The ToolBox HTML5 web-GUI and optional Cloud Codec Controller software provide real-time monitoring and remote management of connections.

Bridge-IT II is suitable for a wide range of broadcast applications.

Visit Tieline booth C2811 at NAB 2024 to learn more about the new Bridge-IT II and Bridge-IT XTRA II codecs and register your interest in ordering the first units shipped. For more information contact your favorite dealer or Tieline sales:

Visit for more information.


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