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Understanding Gateway and Gateway 4

Understanding Gateway and Gateway 4 Broadcast Options With AoIP studio infrastructure becoming more pervasive, and broadcasters wanting more functionality within a compact rackmount footprint, Tieline

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Gateway-4 codec encodes different algorithms

Benefits of Codec Protocols

Jake’s Take on the Benefits of Codec Protocols Benefits of Codec Protocols At Tieline we have been busy spreading the word throughout the Americas and

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Gateway-4 codec streams stereo and mono audio with ViA codec

Gateway 4 Remotes and STLs

Gateway 4 Ideal for Remotes and STLs Introducing Tieline’s New Generation 4 Channel Codec The Gateway 4 is a powerful DSP-based 1RU IP codec designed

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Tieline Cloud Codec Controller - Gateway Codec Delivers Innovations

Cloud-Based Network Management

Jake’s Take: Cloud Codec Controller Delivers Network Management Solutions Welcome to 2021 and hopefully a fresh start to a year that will get progressively better

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ViA podcast and stream

ViA Remotes and Podcasting

ViA Live Remotes and Podcasting Use Case The Tieline ViA now delivers voice tracking, FTP and podcasting capability directly from the codec in the field.

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