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Gateway’s Flexible AoIP Options

Gateway’s Flexible AoIP Options Deliver Interoperability The Gateway and Gateway 4 are Tieline’s latest codecs.  They are often ‘edge’ devices in IP networks bridging between

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New Features in Report-IT: GPIOs and Return Mute

New Features in Report-IT

New Features in Report-IT Enterprise: GPIOs and Input Mute Added Report-IT Enterprise is the world’s most popular iOS and Android codec app for high fidelity

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RAVENNA Destinations displaying stream options

Tieline Gateways Add RAVENNA

Tieline Gateways Add RAVENNA for AoIP Streaming Tieline recently announced a new firmware release v3.02.12 for Gateway and Gateway 4 codecs supporting the RAVENNA protocol.

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Huskers Installs Tieline Codecs for Remotes

Huskers Installs Tieline Codecs

Huskers Installs Tieline Codecs for Remotes In Jake’s Take this month, he explores the University of Nebraska athletic department’s new studio installation featuring Tieline Gateway

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