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Established in 1981 Tieline has carved out a strong reputation in international broadcast and industrial audio and video markets for world class products. Significant expansion of its global distribution network has fueled sales growth and funded continuing research and development.

Today, thousands of broadcasters use Tieline codecs every single day for live broadcasts. Tieline’s global sales & marketing, research & development, production, manufacturing and administration teams operate under a well-defined strategic business plan, which will continue to deliver innovative solutions to professional broadcast markets around the globe.

Tieline has offices in Australia and North America and a global distribution network spanning the Americas, Europe, UK, Africa, Asia, Middle East and Australasia. 



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In simple terms, radio stations use audio codecs to encode and transmit live audio from an outside event and send it to the studio in real-time so it can be put to air (Remote broadcasting).

Audio codecs can also be used for other purposes such as sending studio audio to a transmitter link (Studio-to-transmitter-links) or distributing high quality audio throughout broadcast networks (Audio Distribution).

Essentially audio codecs can be used in any situation where you need to send live high quality audio from one place to another in real-time.

Generally our codec technology requires a box at each end of the link, one at the remote location and another back at the studio.

Our technology (depending on the model and accessory purchased) can connect over a variety of connection types such as:

  1. The Internet (IP)
  2. Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)

Audio is sent down the line by dialling and establishing a connection between the codecs. Our technology sends audio at up to 22 kHz FM quality which will reach the destination with low delay.

Depending on the codec model used and its configuration, our audio codecs are capable of making different kinds of connections (use cases) such as Mono, Dual Mono, Stereo and Stereo with off air communications (IFB).

With inputs for microphones, headsets and line inputs, our audio codecs can be used for a wide range of events, including commentary for sporting events.

Some of our codecs are capable of transmitting audio to up to 60 end-points (multi-unicasting), or unlimited endpoints using multicasting. Who uses the Technology?

Thousands of broadcasters use our equipment every day for all sorts of live events including live sport coverage. Our equipment is used across the globe by major networks and smaller community stations alike.

We have been in the industry for over 37 years developing our codec technology and in that time we have developed and designed a wide range of solutions for different applications and price ranges.

We have products ideally suited for the studio side of the link, others with portability in mind for remotes and we even have a smartphone app which essentially turns your device into an audio codec to save carrying extra equipment (Report-IT) for live broadcasts.

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