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Rack Mounting Unit


------------ Bridge-IT Rack Frame with Blanking Panel

Bridge-IT in a 1 RU Rack Frame with blanking panel

* Bridge-IT unit sold separately

 ------------ Bridge-IT in rack unit

2 x Bridge-IT units installed in a 1RU Rack Frame

*Bridge-IT units sold separately


Rack Mounting Unit

Install Bridge-IT in a 19 inch rack frame. Designed to keep your Tieline products neat and tidy in the studio and to fit in with your current rack storage configuration.

Purchase this robust, space-saving 1RU rack mount frame to mount just one Tieline Bridge-IT IP audio codecs in a standard rack frame. This rackframe comes with a metal blanking plate to cover the remaining empty space. You can screw the codec directly into the rack frame alongside the blanking panel. The blanking plate can be removed to fit 2 Bridge-IT codecs.

Part Number: TLB5100RFBP