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The POTS G5 module is required for making connections over POTS/PSTN (Plain Old Telephone Service) analog telephone Lines. Simply plug the module into a free expansion slot on your Tieline G5 codec and dial to connect and broadcast studio quality audio.

Up to two modules can be inserted into a codec to create 2 POTS connections if required.

------ G5 POTS module angled 
POTS G5 module

Part Number: TLPOTS G5

Products Supporting this Module:

  • Genie
  • Genie Distribution
  • Genie Distribution with WheatNet-IP
  • Merlin
  • Merlin PLUS
  • Merlin PLUS with WheatNet-IP


  • Tieline POTS G5 module
  • Firmware v2.14.xx or higher


  • Supports low bit-rate Tieline Music algorithm connections.


Important Note: 

Phone lines are being removed or superseded in many regions and traditional copper (POTS/PSTN) lines are often replaced by a range of IP over fiber alternatives. Migrating to these services with POTS codecs may be successful if the service supports a traditional fax machine. In many situations bandwidth over these networks is too limited even if connections are possible.