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Download the ToolBox Software for Free


ToolBox software lets you configure Tieline codecs before and during field deployment. It is a PC-compatible software application that works with all Tieline codecs, providing a convenient way to configure, remotely operate and monitor codec functions.

ToolBox can also be used to control both local and remote codec input levels while on air - from either end of the link.


ToolBox allows you to:

  • Create new connection profiles.
  • Configure connections.
  • Change codec settings.
  • Upgrade codec software.
  • Store telephone numbers.
  • Operate local and remote CMOS relays and much more.



System Requirements:

ToolBox requires 1 of the following operating systems:

  • Microsoft® Windows® XP, 2000 recommended

Note: This software is not available for Apple® Mac® Computers and Windows® 95 is not supported
(Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.)

ToolBox requires one of the following browsers:

  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 5.5 or higher

Note: Netscape® is not supported

Hardware requirements:

At a minimum, ToolBox requires a system with:
Intel® Pentium® 500 mHz (equivalent or higher)

  • 64Mb of free RAM
  • 5 MB of hard disk space
  • A Free COM or USB port
  • A Serial or USB cable