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SmartStream PLUS


Some other manufacturers charge thousands of dollars for redundant streaming software like SmartStream PLUS as if it's an optional extra, however Tieline believes high performance and rock-solid reliability is an essential part of each and every broadcast, and therefore delivers its renowned SmartStream PLUS management software absolutely FREE!

Save Money Now with FREE SmartStream PLUS Redundant Streaming

Tieline can show you how an investment in new codecs will pay for itself in just a few months by using SmartStream PLUS over inexpensive IP links to transport STL-grade, high fidelity audio at a fraction of the cost of synchronous leased lines and satellite links. With SmartStream PLUS:

  1. The codec can stream simultaneous redundant data streams from both Ethernet ports and deliver seamless redundancy by switching back and forth, without loss of audio, from the nominated primary data link to the backup link if one fails and then subsequently recovers. Note: Use IP links from two different IP network providers for optimal redundancy over mission critical STL connections.

  2. When multiple redundant audio streams are sent, the decoding codec automatically reconstructs audio into a perfect single stream on a first packet arrived basis to ensure audio integrity.

--- SmartStream PLUS Redundant Streaming

SmartStream PLUS Redundant Streaming Reconstitutes Lost Packets from Stream 1 using Stream 2

SmartStream PLUS Delivers ...

SmartStream PLUS delivers an additional layer of STL-grade redundancy and is available as standard in Tieline Genie STL, Genie Distribution, Merlin and Merlin PLUS codecs. In summary, SmartStream PLUS delivers:

  1. Huge cost savings: use SmartStream PLUS over inexpensive IP links to transport rock solid, high fidelity audio at a fraction of the cost of synchronous leased lines.

  2. Continuous rock solid reliability: stream simultaneous redundant data streams and get seamless redundancy if a connection is lost.

  3. High fidelity audio: Tieline's renowned suite of high-quality algorithms will all work using SmartStream PLUS.

These combined measures ensure Tieline is capable of offering an IP solution, in which the payload capability of your network infrastructure is the only limitation to successfully distributing large numbers of audio streams economically and efficiently across broadcast networks.

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