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Tieline Technology Introduces 3G Wireless Broadband Cellular Modules Embedded into Commander Codec

Mar 26, 2007

New 3G Module

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Indianapolis - (Mar. 26, 2007) - 3G Wireless broadband cellular broadcasts are now possible without the use of a cell phone as Tieline Technology introduces at NAB2007 two new 3G voice-enabled software modules embedded into its Commander codec.

New global 3G networks are enabling broadcasters to deliver wireless stereo FM quality remote broadcasts from the field back to the studio at bit rates comparable with ISDN performance.

Instead of having to order an ISDN or a POTS line from a Telco which often takes days to organize, broadcasters can dial up the studio from wherever they can get a normal broadband enabled cell phone signal.

The new optional embedded modules come in two choices: one offering connectivity to all three HSDPA/UMTS/GSM frequency bands and the other offering connection via CDMA EV-DO Revision A networks as well as the CDMA EV-DO Release 0 and IX networks.

"We are making it even easier for broadcasters to achieve a broadband wireless IP connection because we are taking the cell phone and the USB connection out of the equation," said Tieline America General Manager Kevin Webb.

Tieline Technology, a leading provider of high-quality remote broadcast digital audio codecs, first introduced 3G wireless broadband cellular remote software modules at NAB2006. Previously broadcasters needed to plug their 3G-enabled cellular phones into the codec, but with the introduction of the two new embedded modules, broadcasters will only need a 3G broadband cellular provider. These new modules will be demonstrated at Tieline's NAB2007 booth (N9311).

"By introducing these two dedicated wireless global 3G modules we are offering customers a truly integrated wireless broadcasting experience," said Webb. "All you need is a broadband cellular provider and our codec can make the 3G broadband connection without the need of an actual phone. Simply turn it on and broadcast wirelessly."

3G broadband connections enable data transfer at download speeds of up to 3 megabit and upload speeds of up to 384kbps over HSDPA networks. If the 3G connection supports the bandwidth, off-air studio communications in the background over the same connection can also be delivered over the same link.

"Considering how quickly cell phone technology becomes obsolete it just made sense for us to add this 3G wireless broadband cellular module built into our already proven codec," said Webb. "Now broadcasters can change their phone as many times as they like and they don't have to concern themselves with compatibility issues with our codec."

An added benefit of the new optional modules is improved audio quality with a doubling of the bit rate. Tieline engineers have also found the new embedded modules to have a more robust signal strength than the option of plugging a cell phone into the codec.

Tieline is the first company to offer six network options in one audio codec including wired and wireless IP, 3G, POTS, ISDN, GSM, and X.21.

About Commander G3
Tieline Commander G3 field and studio rack mount codecs are first to offer broadcasters a choice of high quality, low delay live audio and data transfer over POTS analog telephone lines, ISDN, GSM wireless and IP networks. Commander G3 codecs can be configured before you send it to the remote broadcast site so all the talent has to know is how to plug in power, a Telco line, an audio input and then dial a number. Commander G3 is the first codec to feature two expansion slots which accept your choice of hardware and software modules.

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