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Tieline Becomes First to Offer Broadcasters Six Different Network Options in One Audio Codec

Apr 24, 2006

Las Vegas - (Apr. 24, 2006) - Tieline Technology's flexible Commander G3 gives broadcasters the ultimate freedom of choice as it is the first digital audio platform to offer six different network options in one codec.

The Commander G3 has been upgraded to offer broadcasters their choice of high-quality, low-delay live audio and data transfer over POTS analog telephone lines, ISDN, BRI links, X.21 digital-leased lines, GSM wireless, IP, 802.11x and cellular broadband networks. This selection of network options guarantees broadcasters a broadcast-quality stable audio link back to the studio no matter where the remote is located.

"The secret to Tieline's global success is open-platform hardware and software allowing us to add new network interfaces to the Commander G3 as telecommunications technologies advance," said Tieline America General Manager Kevin Webb. "This design for easy upgrades offers customers protection against early obsolescence of our audio codecs."

The six network options for the Commander G3 include:

  • Audio over IP, LAN, WAN , the Internet and 802.11x wireless networks
  • 3G broadband wireless cellular networks
  • Analog telephone lines, commonly known as POTS or PSTN links, including leased 3khz dry pairs
  • Wireless GSM cell phone network
  • ISDN, BRI, PRI and Inmarsat satellite circuits
  • Digital leased lines with X.21 interfaces

A unique feature of Tieline's remote broadcast solutions is its "failover technology" option which allows broadcasters to go to a back-up network should their main connection fail.
Tieline's remote broadcast codecs will be featured at its NAB2006 booth located at N3215.

About Commander G3
The Tieline Commander G3 studio and field rack mount codecs are among the worlds most successful and widely used audio codecs for remote broadcasts. The award-winning multi-network Commander G3 codec can be found in radio and television stations throughout the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Australia. Commander G3 codecs can be configured before they are sent to the remote broadcast site so all the talent has to know is how to plug in power, a Telco line, an audio input and then dial a number. Commander G3 is the first codec to feature two expansion slots which accept your choice of hardware and software modules.

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