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Dedicated Global 3G Module

Apr 1, 2008

New 3G Module

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NAB, April 2008-  Leading audio codec manufacturer Tieline Technology has developed a new suite of 3G software for automatically configuring a codec for any of the 187 networks currently supported in 55 countries. This truly global 3G interface solution includes support for both EV-DO and UMTS/HSDPA networks, and the ability to activate and provision EV-DO connections using a codec.

"Being able to connect directly to 3G networks around the world, by simply selecting each preprogrammed network in a codec, is a great innovation for broadcasters and vastly simplifies broadcasting over 3G networks," said Darren Levy, Tieline's International Marketing Manager. "High quality 3G connections have never been simpler and we now have hundreds of broadcasters around the world connecting over Tieline 3G every day."

Tieline codecs use fit-for-purpose 3G modules that integrate seamlessly with their award winning G3 codec range. Tieline codecs can also connect to 3G networks using compatible USB modems or cell-phones attached to a USB plug-in module. The codecs are regularly used in both fixed and ‘roving' applications, providing flexible remote broadcasting capabilities.

"Tieline has continued to streamline and simplify connection over 3G," said Levy. "In the past year we have focused on refining our software solutions, so that they can be applied globally with a minimum of effort and great flexibility."

"As there are always new networks being built, we have retained the ability to add a new network access point manually if required, before eventually adding it to our list of supported networks," said Levy.

"We have also added new features such as voice call support and the new MusicPlus algorithm," he said. "MusicPlus is loss-tolerant and uses advanced compression techniques to provide up to 20 kHz in audio quality with very low delay - making it ideal for today's 3G networks. Tieline's new stability management software, including Forward Error Correction and automatic jitter buffering, can withstand significant packet loss over 3G connections and deliver continuous high quality audio."

When dialing from the field to the studio Tieline's codec software solves most Network Address Translation (NAT) issues. They are also SIP-compatible with fellow Audio-via-IP Experts Group members Orban CRL, Mayah Communications and AETA, as well as Prodys, Telos, AEQ, AVT, and Digigram.

"It is increasingly important that audio codecs are flexible enough to connect not only to other codecs, but also with an increasing number of IP devices such as VoIP phones," said Levy. "Tieline has taken a leadership role, along with fellow Audio-via-IP Experts Group members, in the development of EBU standards for SIP compatibility when broadcasting over IP."

Tieline codecs that feature IP, 3GIP and SIP interoperability are on display at NAB2008 in the Radio Hall at Booth N8817, or they can be ordered for demonstration at any Tieline international office in the US, Switzerland, and Australia or from any listed Tieline dealer at www.tieline.com     

About Tieline Technology
Tieline Technology (www.tieline.com) is the world's leading supplier of high-quality remote broadcast digital audio codecs. In fact, Tieline derives its name from the popularity of its award-winning codec line as the company changed its corporate moniker in 2001 from Audio Video Communications (AVC) to Tieline Technology. Tieline Technology today is supported by a global distribution network spanning the Americas, Europe, UK, Africa, Asia, Middle East and Australasia.

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