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3G Wireless Broadband Cellular Remotes Made Easy With Tieline Technology’s New Software Codec Module

Apr 24, 2006

3G made easy with software codec module

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Las Vegas - (Apr. 24, 2006) - Tieline Technology, a leading provider of high-quality remote broadcast digital audio codecs, launched at NAB2006 today a new 3G wireless broadband cellular remote software module for its Commander G3 and i-Mix G3 codecs.

Broadcasters with 3G broadband enabled cell phones can connect from anywhere they can get reliable wireless 3G coverage and deliver FM-quality mono and stereo audio for remote broadcasts. Tieline is now the first company to offer six network options in one audio codec including POTS, ISDN, GSM and wired and wireless IP options.

"3G is here and it can deliver excellent audio of the highest quality," said Tieline America General Manager Kevin Webb. "We have engineered a reliable IP solution for delivering broadcast-quality audio over the broadband internet component of the 3G service."

A 3G broadband connection enables data transfer at download speeds of up to 384kbps and upload speeds of up to 128kbps.

The new software has been integrated into the Tieline Commander G3 field codec and i-Mix G3 codec via a USB master module. If the 3G connection supports the bandwidth, off-air studio communications in the background over the same connection can be delivered.

Once a 3G compatible cell phone (with broadband internet service on the SIM) is connected to the option USB master module on the Commander G3 or iMix G3 codecs, the codecs will take over the dialing of the phone and enable a connection to the internet and the transfer of audio back to the studio live.

A unique feature of Tieline's remote broadcast over IP solution is its "failover technology" option which allows broadcasters to go to a back-up network should their main Internet connection fail.

Tieline's remote broadcast codecs, including the new 3G wireless broadband option, will be featured at its NAB2006 booth located at N3215.

About 3G Technology
3G is short for third-generation technology and applies to broadband enabled cell phones. The services associated with 3G provide the ability to transfer both voice data (a phone call) and non-voice data (such as downloading information, exchanging email and instant messaging). 3G covers a broad spectrum of technologies which are slightly different in major regions of the world including 3G, UMTS and EVDO. 3G coverage is provided by at least one cellular service provider in a number of countries throughout the world. The site 3G Today estimates that there are at last count 193 commercial 3G operators in 83 countries.

About Commander G3
Tieline Commander G3 field and studio rack mount codecs are first to offer broadcasters a choice of high quality, low delay live audio and data transfer over POTS analog telephone lines, ISDN, GSM wireless and IP networks. Commander G3 codecs can be configured before you send it to the remote broadcast site so all the talent has to know is how to plug in power, a Telco line, an audio input and then dial a number. Commander G3 is the first codec to feature two expansion slots which accept your choice of hardware and software modules.

About i-Mix G3
The i-Mix G3 is the world's most advanced radio and television codec, commentary, communications and control interface feature audio over POTS, ISDN, GSM and IP. The i-Mix G3 combines six essential live remote broadcast products into one box weighing just four pounds. Designed for live event broadcasting specialists, the i-Mix G3 is a talk show, sports, music and live event dream machine. The i-Mix G3 offers broadcasters 15kHz mono/stereo over ISDN and POTS plus up to 15kHz over GSM and 20kHz uncompressed linear stereo audio over IP networks.

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