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Tieline wins Pick Hit and Cool Stuff Awards at 2013 NAB Show

Apr 17, 2013

  --- NAB 2013 Awards uncropped 

Tieline today announced the Merlin PLUS IP codec has won the highly respected Radio Magazine ‘Pick Hit’ award and the Genie Distribution codec has won the equally prestigious Radio World ‘Cool Stuff’ award at the 2013 NAB Show.

“Tieline is extremely proud to have received these notable awards for innovation in IP codec technology, which are selected by a panel of impartial radio industry professionals,” said Will McLean, Tieline’s Manager of Corporate Operations. “The awards recognize the state-of-the-art design, features and performance offered by both products for STL-grade IP audio distribution and remote broadcast applications.”

The 1RU Merlin PLUS is a simple, compact and scalable solution for managing multiple simultaneous remotes. It was recognized for its ability to rapidly expand remote capabilities and significantly reduce rack space requirements by managing up to 6 bidirectional mono connections with IP codecs, or smartphones using Report-IT. It can also deliver bidirectional stereo IP audio and full-duplex communications between the studio and a remote codec.

The 1RU Genie Distribution IP audio codec is designed for multipoint audio distribution over a wide range of managed or unmanaged IP networks.  It has the flexibility to connect 6 channels of high quality audio point-to-point, simultaneously distribute stereo audio to up to 50 multi-unicast endpoints, or multicast to an unlimited number of IP codecs.

Both codecs include the Opus algorithm and the revolutionary SmartStream PLUS software for delivering STL-grade audio over low cost IP links. The significance of introducing this technology for mission critical broadcast connections should not be underestimated, due to the rapidly increasing cost of new synchronous links like ISDN, and the unavailability of these links in many regions.

Connect two inexpensive IP links to Tieline codecs with SmartStream PLUS and stream simultaneous redundant data streams from dual Ethernet ports, which delivers seamless redundancy when streaming over IP.

Both codecs are now shipping and click for more information on Merlin PLUS or Genie Distribution, or email sales@tieline.com.

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