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Tieline Launches OPUS Algorithm...

Dec 19, 2012

  --- Report-IT OPUS screen
  Report-IT Screen Displaying OPUS Encoding

Tieline today announced it has added the OPUS coding algorithm to its Report-IT newsgathering application, as well as Tieline Genie and Merlin IP audio codecs. Tieline is the first major IP audio codec manufacturer to release OPUS and make it available to customers.

OPUS incorporates technology from the well-known SILK and CELT codecs to create a low latency speech and audio codec. It is a variable bit-rate algorithm ideal for live broadcast situations because of its capacity to deliver high quality, real-time Audio over IP (AoIP) at low bit-rates.   

“Following the recent addition of OPUS to the EBU 3326 interoperability standard for Audio Contribution over IP, a number of large European broadcasters requested Tieline integrate OPUS into Tieline’s codec products,” said Charlie Gawley, VP Sales APAC & EMEA. “By integrating OPUS into Tieline’s new Genie and Merlin IP codecs in SIP mode and the Report-IT smartphone application, Tieline has met the innovation expectations of these broadcasters in a very short timeframe.”

Tieline has integrated OPUS into the Report-IT application and optimized it to deliver high quality speech at bit-rates from 14.4Kbps up to 64Kbps over Wi-Fi and cellular wireless networks. In Genie and Merlin IP audio codecs the algorithm is optimized for more complex audio signals such as music at higher bit-rates.  

OPUS is available now in the Report-IT Lite application and can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store. It will be available in Report-IT Live and Report-IT Enterprise from the iTunes App Store in January 2013.

Contact Tieline at sales@tieline.com or your favorite dealer more information and purchase details. See www.tieline.com 

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