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Tieline Launches Free iPhone Report-IT Codec Application

Jul 19, 2010


Indianapolis, USA, July 20th, 2010

Codec manufacturer Tieline Technology has announced the release of a new free version of Report-IT Live, the multi award-winning iPhone* ‘live on location’ audio codec application.------------ iPhone with Green Connect

"We have created a free version of the app to help answer broadcast engineers’ common questions about the performance of the iPhone as a broadcast tool," said Darren Levy, International Marketing Manager. “Anyone can now download Report-IT Lite from the iTunes App store for free and record reports, FTP reports back to the studio and even try live broadcasting!”

The free Report-IT Lite version allows iPhone owners to use many of the features of the full Report-IT version and understand how it can be usefully deployed within their network.

"Many customers have been surprised to learn that the iPhone's in-built microphone delivers  robust, higher fidelity FM quality audio compared with most other phones on the market,” said Levy. “In addition, Apple has a very strict policy for testing apps before they are allowed to run on the iPhone, so the platform is extremely stable for live broadcasting, recording, file editing and FTP transfers.”

The company has made free test lines available for all users to connect live to a Tieline hardware studio codec and learn how Report-IT works - so you don’t have to own a Tieline codec to try it. Broadcasters can also request free demonstration hardware codecs for their studios to conduct more comprehensive tests.

“One feature in Report-IT which has caught the attention of several major networks is the ability to email or SMS a preconfigured ‘launch and connect’ link to a non-technical Reporter's iPhone,” said Levy. “A reporter can simply touch the link in the email or SMS and Report-IT will automatically be launched and connect to the studio live over 3GIP or WiFi! This feature is a game-changer for studio engineers who have non-technical reporting staff, or even remote talent who happen to have an iPhone.”

Videos demonstrating the features of the new Report-IT iPhone Application are available on the company's website at www.tieline.com/report-it or contact sales@tieline.com for more information.

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Click here for a high res photo of Report-IT

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