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Tieline Launches Enterprise Edition Report-IT iPhone Codec Application

Sep 9, 2010

Codec manufacturer Tieline Technology has announced the release of the new Enterprise Edition of Report-IT Live, the multi award-winning iPhone* 'live on location' audio codec application.

"The Enterprise Edition of Report-IT Live has been released in response to requests from large networks to simplify access to Report-IT Live for reporters, provide
better security over their IP networks and allow the studio to configure all connection settings," said Darren Levy, Tieline's International Marketing Manager. "The TieServer powered Enterprise Edition of Report-IT provides the ability for studio engineers to use cloud computing concepts to program, manage and secure all live broadcast connections across their IP networks." 

Report-IT Live Enterprise Edition delivers all the features of Report-IT Live Pro with the ability for IT administrators and network engineers to centrally administer all configuration of Report-IT from the studio. This includes preprogramming all IP address, connection and configuration settings remotely via TieServer from the studio, and never exposing these details to reporters and contributors in the field.

The Enterprise Edition of Report-IT only allows devices access to connect to the studio via password control. This delivers better network security by controlling codec visibility across broadcast networks.

All a reporter has to do is download Report-IT Live Enterprise Edition from the i-Tunes App Store, open the app and enter a preconfigured password that has been provided to them by the studio. All the dialing and connection settings will then be downloaded from the secure Tieline TieServer cloud into the application automatically.

"A simple TieServer graphic user interface at the studio provides the interface for network engineers to fully control who has access to dial into their live broadcast networks over IP and how they connect," said Levy. "It is also great for users because there is no technical programming of Report-IT required whatsoever. Reporters just download the app, login via a password and press 'Connect' to dial into the studio quickly and securely - it doesn't get any simpler."

Studio Engineers unfamiliar with how Report-IT Live works can answer most common questions about the performance of the iPhone as a broadcast tool by downloading Report-IT Lite from the i-Tunes App Store for free. Report-IT Lite lets users record reports, FTP reports back to the studio and even try live broadcasting - so it's easy to see how features can be usefully deployed within their network.

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The iPhone's in-built microphone delivers robust, higher fidelity FM quality audio compared with most other phones on the market. In addition, Apple has a very strict policy for testing apps before they are allowed to run on the iPhone, so the platform is extremely stable for live broadcasting, recording, file editing and FTP transfers. The Report-IT Live application will also run on the iPad and iPod touch (2nd and 3rd generation).

More detailed information is available on the company's website at www.tieline.com/report-it, or contact sales@tieline.com or your nearest Tieline representative for more information.

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