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Tieline Delivers New POTS G5 Module for Genie and Merlin Codecs

Jan 21, 2015

  ------ G5 POTS module angled
  The new POTS G5 Plug-in Module

Tieline has officially released the new POTS G5 hardware module for the Genie and Merlin codec families. When installed it allows codec users to create high quality connections over POTS telephone networks around the world.

"All Genie and Merlin codecs are fully IP enabled and optional US and Euro ISDN G5 modules already deliver ISDN connectivity to many of our customers," said John Lackness, Tieline's VP Sales Americas. "The new POTS G5 module provides engineers with greater flexibility to connect over IP, ISDN or POTS network transports as required."

Two POTS modules can be installed and two POTS audio streams are supported in multi-stream Genie Distribution, Merlin and Merlin PLUS codecs. The addition of POTS support means a primary IP connection can also now fail over to backup ISDN or POTS connections if required.

Genie and Merlin codecs can automatically monitor and manage switching between primary and backup connections over all available transports. Codecs will also seamlessly fail back to a primary connection if it becomes available after a temporary interruption.

POTS G5 modules are now shipping and can be ordered with new codecs or retrofitted to existing codecs. A new firmware release v.2.14.18 is available which adds full support for the new module.

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  2. For Australia and International: info@tieline.com

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Relevant Links:

  1. The new firmware release is available for download via http://www.tieline.com/Support/Latest-Firmware for existing customers.
  2. New user manuals supporting this release are also available at: http://www.tieline.com/Support/Documentation/User-Manuals.

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