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New Tieline Codec Innovations at IBC 2017

Aug 14, 2017

New Genie and Merlin Firmware Debuts at IBC 2017

  ------ HTML5 Scheduler
  The new HTML5 Toolbox Scheduler

Tieline's major new firmware release v2.16.80 for the Genie and Merlin codec families debuts at IBC 2017.

This release delivers a range of powerful new features, including a new HTML5 Toolbox web-browser GUI for all codec control and configuration. It runs seamlessly on modern browsers, including Mac, Windows and Linux platforms, and removes any connectivity issues due to regular Java updates designed to mitigate exposure to security vulnerabilities.

A powerful program scheduling tool also provides the ability to automatically connect and disconnect scheduled programs using a simple calendar-based user interface. Enhanced network security features include new support for SSL certificates and SIP whitelist and blacklist configuration.

Enhanced Genie Output Backup Options
Genie STL and Genie Distribution codecs can now automatically switch between 4 backup audio sources to maintain program output at transmitter sites. Options include:

  • Connection audio.
  • Icecast streaming client.
  • Audio file backup.
  • Hardware bypass of audio inputs.

Fuse-IP bonding support and USB Wi-Fi connectivity has been added to all products, as well as support for:

  • Deterministic SIP routing.
  • 6 SIP user accounts and 2 SIP interfaces.
  • WheatNet-IP logic I/O in WheatNet codecs.
  • Line hunt call answering.
  • Codec caller IDs.
  • Codec upgrades using a USB stick.

NEW at IBC: Tieline Reveals SIP for Report-IT Enterprise


------ SIP for Report-IT EE


SIP for Report-IT


At IBC2017 Tieline will unveil SIP for Report-IT Enterprise in a new version of the app which supports streaming live, studio quality audio to all N/ACIP 3326 compliant codecs. 

Report-IT Enterprise in SIP mode can stream low latency live audio using widely available algorithms including Opus Mono, Opus Voice, G.711 and G.722. The app also supports the use of SIP accounts, proxies, IPv6, multiple STUN servers, ICE and TURN.

With Report-IT Enterprise users can:

  • Simultaneously record up to 20 kHz audio quality and stream up to 15 kHz quality live audio.
  • Prerecord and trim interviews, build playlists and insert recordings as “wraparounds” in live broadcasts.
  • File reports via FTP automatically using WAV or AAC-LC file formats.

All new and existing customers will be able to access SIP functionality via a simple Tieserver subscription upgrade.

New ViA Features Unveiled at IBC 2017

  ------------ ViA with connections
  ViA Codec

A new firmware release for the ViA codec will soon unveil a range of new audio routing and audio processing features. See a preview at IBC of input EQ, compression and touch screen audio routing.

The configurable mixer supports saving and recalling matrix profiles for remotes with different routing requirements. ViA’s new firmware release also features touchscreen routing of audio sources to XLR and digital outputs, as well as analog and digital output routing and level controls.

Free entry to IBC 2017

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  ------ Charlie Gawley
  Charlie Gawley, VP Sales APAC & EMEA

Tieline's Charlie Gawley will demonstrate all the latest in codec technology at IBC booth 8.E74 from 15th to 19th September, 2017 in Amsterdam. Click here to add us to your planner.

To make an appointment email Charlie Gawley at gawley@tieline.com.au or contact him directly on +61 (0) 430 153 435.

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