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New Solutions Available in Genie Distribution Codec

Mar 20, 2014

Leading codec manufacturer Tieline Technology today announced it has expanded the range of distribution solutions available in the Genie Distribution IP audio codec. The new v2.8.xx firmware release supports sending and receiving 3 simultaneous multicast or multi-unicast audio stream transmissions.

“With increasing pressure on reducing operational costs, broadcasters are looking for cost effective solutions to distribute programming and replace costly satellite, circuit switched and MPLS IP infrastructure,” said Charlie Gawley, Tieline’s VP Sales APAC/EMEA.

The new solutions allow broadcasters to distribute three mono or stereo audio streams to multiple markets from a single 1RU IP codec and deliver:

  • 3 x simultaneous mono/stereo multi-unicasts to a maximum of 50 endpoints in total, or

------------ Genie Distribution 3 x Multi unicast Example

  • 3 simultaneous mono/stereo multicasts over compatible IP networks to unlimited endpoints.

------------ Genie Distribution 3 x Multicast Example

“A single Genie Distribution codec can transmit or receive multiple audio streams in multi-unicast or multicast modes, delivering substantial savings in hardware costs. In addition, having such a powerful codec perform all these functions from a single 1RU box frees up significant rack space.”

Genie Distribution is fully compatible with both IPv4 and IPv6 network infrastructures and connects with all Tieline IP codecs.  It is also EBU N/ACIP 3326 compliant to maximize interoperability with other SIP-enabled codec brands. A WheatNet-IP version of the codec is also available.

Firmware release v2.8.xx supporting the new distribution solutions is now available. Contact Tieline at sales@tieline.com or your favorite dealer for more information, or visit www.tieline.com/genie-distribution.

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