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IP audio world first using the iPhone

Apr 6, 2010

IP Audio World First as Report-IT Live Breaks the Sound Barrier with Live iPhone Broadcasting…

  ip codec River 949 iPhone broadcast

Michael “Moffee” Moffett with Report-IT Live

In a world-first Tieline’s Report-IT Live application was recently used to turn an iPhone into a portable wireless IP audio codec and broadcast live high-fidelity IP audio. Keith Evans is Technical Services Manager for River 949FM within the Grant Broadcasters radio network and he configured the iPhone and studio codecs for the broadcast.

“Our announcers are always out on the road and we are constantly facing new broadcasting challenges,” Keith said. “I heard about Tieline’s new Report-IT Live iPhone application for live wireless remote broadcasting and was one of the first people to buy a copy for my iPhone.”

“I worked with Rob Dunn at our affiliate station in Darwin to test the Report-IT Live solution over 3G using the Next G wireless broadband network,” he said. “We were both very impressed with the app’s audio quality and the ease of connecting, so I decided to put it to the test on our next live broadcast.”

“This happened to be a three and a half hour broadcast from Amberley Air Force Base to celebrate the official arrival of Australia’s new F/A-18F Super Hornets from the US,” said Keith. “I was confident enough to allow our announcer Moffee to use Report-IT for the entire time on-air.”

“I configured the Report-IT Live iPhone app to dial the static IP address of our Tieline Commander G3 rack-mount codec in the studio and it took only about 30 seconds to brief Moffee on how it works,” he said. “We connected at 28.8Kbps and fed a 15kHz mix-minus IFB down the return path from the studio codec to Moffee’s iPhone, which provided all his on-air program cues and comms from the studio panel operator.”

“We attached a product called the Mophie ‘Juice Pack’ to the connector on the iPhone and this served two purposes,” said Keith. “It extended the battery life of the iPhone for the duration of the broadcast and it protected the mic on the iPhone and reduced wind noise.”

“It all worked unbelievably well,” said Michael “Moffee” Moffett, Music Director and announcer for River 949FM. “Report-IT Live allowed me to move around with great flexibility on the day and conduct interviews with the Mayor and other important dignitaries.”

“We used Report-IT to capture the official speech by Australian Defence Minister Senator John Faulkner and broadcast it live back to the studio,” said Moffee. “Our newsroom used grabs from the speech for our bulletins throughout the day and the quality was excellent.”

“I don’t even own an iPhone but I found Report-IT Live so simple to use,” he said. “I think it’s great to be able to just rock-up and within seconds be live on-air sending broadcast quality audio using an iPhone.”

“I used ear-buds to monitor the studio audio feed and spoke directly into the iPhone microphone when reporting,” Moffee said. “I found the touch-screen iPhone audio controls for Report-IT very easy to use and everyone at the station was very happy with the results.”

“Report-IT Live lets you broadcast live at a minute’s notice and connect to the studio at the touch of a button – and the best thing is that reporters and announcers can use it on their own quite easily,” said Keith. “Our next live wireless broadcast will be at a street procession and our announcer can use Report-IT Live and walk in-step with the performers.”

“I have been using portable Tieline Commander G3 codecs over IP for quite some time and they have been reliable in some difficult situations,” he said. “The technology behind Report-IT Live opens up a whole new range of newsgathering possibilities.”

“After seeing what Report-IT Live can do, all of our announcers have gone nuts about it and can’t wait to use it! We can also use Report-IT Live’s FTP features and I foresee that Grant Broadcasting will be using Report-IT Live extensively across its network for reporting in a very short space of time.”

Click http://www.tieline.com/products/G5/Report-IT-Live to find out more about Report-IT Live or download it now onto your iPhone from the Apple iTunes App Store.
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