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World First for Tieline as Bridge-IT Successfully Transmits Live over IPv6 Networks

Jun 17, 2011


Tieline has announced that its Bridge-IT IP audio codecs performed a World first IPv6 transmission on World IPv6 Day by successfully transmitting live bidirectional stereo audio over multiple international hops using IPv6 infrastructure.

“World IPv6 Day on June 8 was a significant global initiative designed to draw attention to the need for broadcasters and internet users generally to gear up for the new IPv6 internet,” said Darren Levy, Tieline’s International Marketing Manager. “Tieline was part of this initiative and delivered a World first exclusive as two Bridge-IP codecs successfully transmitted stereo IP audio over IPv6 network infrastructure.”

  --- Charlie Gawley and Ashley Hadassin
Tieline's Charlie Gawley (left) with 
HostAway Director Ashley Hadassin

“Tieline partnered with HostAway, one of Australia’s many IPv6 enabled data centers, to connect to IPv6 infrastructure on the day. Two Tieline Bridge-IT audio codecs were programmed with IPv6 internet addresses and they connected to each other and successfully transmitted for several hours over the open internet,” said Levy. “The quality and reliability of the connection was excellent and even the web-GUI for remotely programming the codecs was run over IPv6.”

“IPv6 will become increasingly important as IPv4 addresses become increasingly scarce,” said Levy. “As a result, proving IPv6 compatibility using Bridge-IT is an important first step in ensuring IP codec compatibility across both IPv4 and IPv6 IP networks.”

In the very near future broadcasters will need to be adept at managing connections between both IPv4 and IPv6 network infrastructures, in order to maintain connectivity across wide area networks (WANs) like the internet.

The success of Tieline’s IPv6 transmission affirms Tieline’s leadership position in IP innovation and delivers confidence to broadcasters about the future of IP audio broadcasting. Broadcasters using Tieline Bridge-IT codecs can simply upgrade their firmware to connect over IPv6 as network hardware is rolled out.

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