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Aug 28, 2009

Tieline is teaming up with its European dealer You/Com during IBC 2009 and will be at Booth 8.E75 (Hall 8) featuring new products as well as popular wired IP and wireless 3G/IP solutions.

Tieline’s Darren Levy and Charlie Gawley will be on the booth and offering live demonstrations of upcoming products as well as Tieline’s Commander G3, which is the benchmark technology for wireless IP remote broadcasting excellence over broadband cell-phone 3G/UMTS/HSDPA networks.

The Commander G3 field unit…

Thousands of customers worldwide use the Commander G3 because of its superior network stability and uncompromising broadcast flexibility. One wireless Commander G3 plus one reporter/commentator equals an instant 20kHz audio remote broadcast from wherever you’re standing.

Like all Tieline G3 codecs, you can use the Commander G3 to connect over wired and wireless WANS, LANS, the Internet, satellite IP, Wi-MAX and Wi-Fi.

 ------------ New 3G module

The i-Mix G3 – a remote truck in a single box…

Tieline’s i-Mix G3 is the worlds most advanced IP codec for radio and Television, combining six essential live remote broadcast products into one lightweight 16" x 9" box, replacing tens of thousands of dollars of expensive equipment.

Designed by radio and television sports broadcasting specialists, it is ideal for sports broadcasts, talk shows, music and other live events. It is a multi-faceted unit that can be used as a mixer, a commentary control unit and a codec. It integrates bi-directional audio and full-duplex communications with extensive remote control capabilities to reduce setup time, on-site personnel, wiring requirements and signal distribution costs.

 --- Pizza chick with i-Mix

STLs and Audio Distribution Solutions…

Tieline STL codec solutions provide rock solid studio-to-transmitter link connections over IP and a variety of other connection transports like POTS/PSTN, ISDN, X.21, and 3G.

Tieline also provides a range of solutions for distributing high quality audio throughout broadcast networks. Find out how Tieline codecs distribute high quality, low delay audio between networks, stations, affiliates or studios - over your choice of connection transport.

Reliability over IP networks is assured…

With features such as Forward Error Correction (FEC) and automated jitter buffering, Tieline’s QoS Performance Engine allows Tieline codecs to withstand significant packet loss over IP and 3GIP connections and deliver continuous high quality audio.

Tieline codecs are also the only ones to support compatibility with other brands of codecs over five different network types - IP, 3GIP, POTS, ISDN, and X.21.

Visit Darren and Charlie at IBC and discover more about how Tieline codecs can create new broadcast solutions for you today…

IBC 2009: YOU/COM Booth 8.E75 (Hall 8)

Visit: http://www.ibc.org/ for show details.

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