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Transition from ISDN to IP with Tieline

Nov 27, 2015

As a radio engineer there’s a pretty good chance you’ve encountered issues associated with ISDN line availability as Telcos worldwide phase out these networks. What’s not as well-known is how to seamlessly transition from existing ISDN network infrastructure to an IP network environment.

Most broadcasters now clearly recognise that IP networks are more flexible, cheaper to upgrade and extremely reliable when configured correctly. As a result, broadcasters are using IP audio codecs to design and operate more adaptable broadcast networks with streamlined work flows, reduced operating costs and the ability to remote control them from anywhere in the world.

Integrating ISDN and IP

  --- Connect over IP, ISDN, POTS and SIP with Genie

Unless you are starting a new station or network, the transition to IP is likely to occur gradually over time. Expensive network equipment isn’t usually replaced entirely, which means you require flexible solutions, which offer connectivity over IP, as well as ISDN, for the foreseeable future.

The Tieline Genie and Merlin families of codecs deliver maximum flexibility by allowing you to connect over IP, SIP, ISDN and POTS networks as required. This means you can upgrade your network over time.

Simply purchase optional ‘U' or ‘S/T' ISDN G5 modules, or POTS G5 modules, insert them in the codec, and you are ready to connect over ISDN, POTS, IP or SIP on demand.

Save Money with IP

Like many other engineers, you will probably discover that the cost of upgrading your equipment to IP will actually save you money. How can that be? Well by using an affordable broadband IP link, you can save yourself the cost of expensive ISDN, satellite and MPLS network access. This can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars every month! At that rate it won’t take long to pay for a couple of codecs.

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