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Tieline demonstrating live BGAN broadcasting over IP at SMPTE 2009 in Sydney...

Jul 14, 2009

View live satellite broadcasting and the latest in wired and wireless IP technologies for broadcasters at the biannual SMPTE show from July 21 – 24 at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Discover the ultimate in wireless freedom as Tieline’s Charlie Gawley demonstrates Tieline codecs over BGAN satellite terminal connections as well as live bidirectional stereo audio over 3G wireless broadband networks.

Expand your possibilities with satellite IP…

BGAN coverage has now been launched across the east coast of Australia and throughout the majority of the Pacific region, so Tieline satellite solutions expand broadcast opportunities by delivering reliable connections from anywhere that coverage is available.

Tieline i-Mix G3 or Commander G3 audio codecs connect very simply to BGAN terminals and are able to stream live bidirectional 15kHz quality mono and stereo audio from any location, from as little as $240 an hour. Tieline's unique solutions include:

  • Live broadcast quality mono FM audio using 32 or 64Kbps BGAN IP connections.
  • Live broadcast quality mono or stereo FM quality audio using 64Kbps or higher BGAN ISDN connections.

Tieline codecs can connect over ISDN through the use of interchangeable connection modules. IP connections can be created by using the LAN port on all Tieline codecs and no extra hardware is required.

Tieline IP over satellite connections is the most cost effective and dependable way to get your broadcast audio to the studio from remote locations. Reliability is paramount and Tieline's IP solutions feature QoS Performance Engine technology for reliably managing connections over unreliable IP networks like the Internet. All codecs include features such as Forward Error Correction (FEC) and automated jitter buffering for demanding IP broadcast situations.

Tieline’s Australasian Business Development Executive Charlie Gawley will be available on a number of partners’ booths at SMPTE including Amber, Elan Audio and MT&A. He will be demonstrating Tieline satellite and 3G wireless broadcasting and can advise on new directions in IP codec development and how to integrate the latest wired and wireless IP technologies into existing broadcast infrastructure for STLs and audio distribution.

Call Charlie on +61 (0) 430 153 435 to make an appointment prior to the show.

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