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Tieline SmartStream Delivers IP Network Reliability

Aug 9, 2011

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  ------ SmartStream overview

Tieline's exclusive and proprietary SmartStream IP technology responds to variable IP network conditions with agility and flexibility to significantly improve connection reliability over lossy IP networks such as 3G cell-phone networks and the internet, especially in those situations when QoS is unavailable.

As a member of the Audio-via-IP Experts Group, Tieline has been at the forefront of engineering Audio over IP solutions for broadcasters. Tieline has built a significant knowledge base from this experience and expertise in broadcasting audio over unmanaged IP Networks. Now SmartStream technology takes broadcasting over unmanaged IP audio networks to the next level for uncompromised AoIP.

No matter what cloud you are in, whether you are connected to managed MPLS networks, or the open internet over wired or wireless links, you can rest easy knowing that Tieline's SmartStream Technology has you covered. 

Smartstream is a mix of both public and proprietary technologies that ensures the highest 'Fidelity' of your audio; the 'Reliability' to perform despite varying network conditions; 'Interoperability' with other manufacturers and protocols, and the 'Connectivity' to deliver to one or many end-points.  Most importantly, with SmartStream broadcasters can be assured that they have made a smart investment for the future as it supports IPv4 and IPv6 (Dual Stack) technology out of the box.

It is not unusual for wired internet connections to experience up to 3% packet loss, while wireless IP audio connections can experience 10% or more! With SmartStream features such as Forward Error Correction (FEC) and automated jitter buffering, Tieline IP audio codecs can withstand significant packet loss over wired and wireless IP connections and maintain continuous high quality audio. 

Click here to hear an example of a standard competing algorithm over IP with 1% packet loss

Click here to listen to Tieline MusicPLUS over IP with 10% loss

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