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Tieline Report-IT Live Reaches Significant Sales Milestone in First Few Months

Jan 24, 2011

Indianapolis, USA, January 14th, 2011

  ------------ iPhone with Report-IT

Tieline Technology today announced that Report-IT Live for iPhone® has reached a significant sales milestone with over 1000 downloads in the first few months since the application was released.

“We are thrilled that Report-IT Live for iPhone has been embraced by so many major broadcast networks around the globe since its release only a few months ago and are convinced a paradigm shift in radio broadcasting is occurring,” said Darren Levy, International Marketing Manager for Tieline Technology. “Major networks have adopted Report-IT in order to streamline their broadcast workflows, break news faster than the competition and even change the way they approach reporting, recording of interviews and FTP transfers of recordings.”

“Report-IT Live Enterprise Edition is definitely gaining traction exponentially because it is more than just a simple live cross broadcast tool,” said Levy. “Major networks now realize that it is no longer necessary to send a reporter out to interview politicians, famous people or experts in their field,” said Levy. “This not only makes it easier to get permission to do interviews, it also makes it cheaper and logistically more simple to record them and faster to get them on air.”

“Producers and reporters can get anyone with an iPhone to download Report-IT Live Enterprise Edition free from the iTunes App Store®, open the application and at the touch of a button be interviewed live from the studio,” said Levy. “The 15kHz live audio sent via Report-IT can be used on-air or the 20kHz quality recording of the interview, offered by the native iPhone microphone, can be transferred via FTP to the studio with one touch at the conclusion of the interview for editing and retransmission.”

“Broadcasters understand its power and are prepared to purchase Report-IT because everything can be programmed by engineers at the studio and they see the real value in the way it changes station workflows in an era of increasingly scarce engineering and capital purchase resources – not to mention the fact it is just so simple to use!”

“Another popular reason for using Report-IT Live Enterprise Edition is the fact that it runs on the ultra-stable Apple® platform, which is also the defacto standard for multimedia in many broadcast facilities.”

The recent announcement of the release of the Verizon iPhone 4 will also hugely advantage Report-IT users with increased wireless network coverage and greater network choice across the US.

About Report-IT

Report-IT Live Enterprise Edition is the world’s first iPhone® application that turns your iPhone into a pocket-sized portable 15kHz live IP audio codec and ultra-slim high fidelity 20kHz audio recorder with FTP audio transfer capability.

It allows IT administrators and network engineers to centrally administer all configuration settings from the studio, including the preprogramming of all IP address, connection and configuration settings remotely via TieServer. These details are never exposed to reporters and contributors in the field and users connect to the studio via password control to maintain network security.

Studio Engineers unfamiliar with how Report-IT Live works can answer most common questions about the performance of the iPhone as a broadcast tool by downloading Report-IT Lite from the i-Tunes App Store for free. Report-IT Lite lets users record reports, FTP reports back to the studio and even try live broadcasting – so it’s easy to see how features can be usefully deployed within their network.

Videos demonstrating the features of the Report-IT iPhone Application are available on the company's website at www.tieline.com/report-it, or contact sales@tieline.com or your nearest Tieline representative for more information.

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