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Tieline Releases Multicasting and apt-X Enhanced Firmware for Bridge-IT IP Codecs

Nov 22, 2010

Leading broadcast audio codec manufacturer Tieline Technology, has announced a new software release v.1.06.00 for Tieline Bridge-IT IP audio codecs, which includes support for IP multicasting and apt-X® Enhanced audio coding.

  --- Bridge It front and back pic
  Bridge-IT IP Audio Codec

“Multicasting is an inexpensive way to send unlimited codec audio streams from a single codec across IP networks that support multicasting and distribute program audio to STL transmitter sites, between studios or to affiliates,” said Darren Levy, International Marketing Manager for Tieline Technology. 

“The ability of Bridge-IT to send multiple unicast audio streams and now multicast audio streams from a single box, reduces capital expenditure costs and lets engineers design flexible routing throughout rapidly expanding IP networks.”

“Tieline has also added apt-X Enhanced audio coding into Bridge-IT because it is used by thousands of radio stations for STLs, audio distribution and remote broadcasts,” said Levy. “It has become an industry standard for delivering outstanding audio quality with exceptionally low delay across a range of IP networks and is ideal for high quality studio-to-transmitter links and audio distribution.”

Bridge-IT multicasting supports apt-X Enhanced, AAC, MPEG Layer 2, Tieline Music and MusicPLUS, G711, G.722 and PCM streaming.

Both multicasting and apt-X are offered as license options for purchase with Bridge-IT. Existing Tieline Bridge-IT owners can contact Tieline at sales@tieline.com or their local dealer to upgrade their codec to include these new features.

Click here for more information on Bridge-IT.

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